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Guide to Website Audit

A website has become the face of an organization. It is used for various purposes and serves as one of the cheapest and most effective means to communicate the firm’s vision, mission, status, achievements etc apart from displaying their products as well as services and then of course a host of other activities are also included.

Since almost each and every action related to business has become enmeshed with the website, so it is very important to keep a track on the website and feed the same with updates to keep it live.

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Why Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a specific form of marketing wherein the marketer directly reaches his target customers without having to go through various hassles associated with marketing. Also, this form of marketing comes with the advantage of not having to go through the screening processes like segmenting the markets or searching for the right target customers.

In this context it may be noted that marketing, as defined by management gurus, is said to start from identifying the needs, necessities and aspirations of customers.

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How to Build Great Landing Pages

Landing pages refer to the web page an online advertisement or pop up leads to. Many a time we see advertisements on the margins of the websites we go through and are prompted to click on the advertisements. The web pages that open subsequently once we click on the advertisements are the landing pages.

The concept of landing pages has turned out to be a great online marketing tool for marketers all over the world and many have started deploying various strategies to capture the attention of internet users.

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Web Content Writing

Web content writing is one of the most popular services provided on the internet and is a business that is characterized by transforming information and data into content. Though it may not be among the top rated industries in terms of earning or turnover across the world, yet its magnitude has grown in recent years and has ultimately turned it into a dynamic industry.

Web content writing, so to speak, refers to the information that people read on websites, the SEO articles that are published on various web pages, blogs, and the like.

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SEO Best Practices

Whether you are a writer, editor, content strategist, or at any post involved with increasing the brand awareness and online presence of the business/its activities, SEO must be your greatest challenge. Following the best SEO practices of date is any editorial team’s ultimate goal to deliver successful content (written or visual).

Keyword search, crawlable URLS, title tags, meta descriptions, all compose to give you a higher ranking and its multiple benefits associated. The world is pacing too fast to learn from one’s own mistakes; others have committed it, so better to learn from another's examples!

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Free SEO Analysis

Are you looking for free analysis of your website for SEO factors, Website audit, backlinks and rankings all derived manually? EMarketz offers a unique free service of website analysis where a detailed, in-depth manual analysis of your website is carried out by SEO researchers and consultants and a report is shared at the end of every month.

You heard it right. This analysis is free of cost and provides a detailed overview of what needs to be done in your website and the current ranking position of your targeted keywords.

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18 SEO Tip For 2018

Is your website New Year ready? With the year 2018 looming ahead, it is the time to make your website ready for the 2018 SEO game. Here are 18 proven strategies that changed the SEO game for many in 2017 and are going to rule & help improve your website rankings in 2018 too.

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