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EMarketz is a pioneer in offering marketing automation services across India. Marketing automation is the need of the hour owing to all business, education institutes, real-estate companies, startups receiving leads from multiple and scattered sources.

Collating all leads and ensuring full security of sales data is a major challenge for sales directors. With the help of expertise and knowledge gained by expert teams at EMarketz, the seemingly impossible task becomes a cakewalk! So get set to partner with the best marketing automation company in India!

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The framework is built by marketing researchers at EMarketz and takes care of all aspects of marketing for Indian businesses including capturing leads through calls, referral leads, pipeline builder, transfer of leads from one sales person to another and many other flexible features which can ensure that your sales data is secure and put to the maximum possible use.

Manage the leads

Marketing automation allows marketers to simplify client communication through automation tools. The idea of this service is built around a unique framework which relieves the business of the hassles of managing and securing marketing/sales data. Our framework is agile, self-expanding, and fully-supported by the team.

We assist in areas including lead generation, segmentation, managing the leads, nurturing and scoring leads, and keeping a track on them. The leads are sent an automated message or mail updating about your company and hence, the service helps in conveniently and actively managing the leads.

Manage the marketing

The team focuses on moving leads from top to bottom; as in converting the lead into the customer. Commonly used in Lead generation company of B2B and B2C, the company’s leads are managed accordingly through our marketing automation service. The benefit of automating marketing is to design, automate, and market a time-bound marketing workflow for the company.

It manages relationship marketing and ROI of a company based on the automated result of marketing. The automation team will allow a smooth marketing flow of the business, to communicate effectively with the customers.

Our marketing automation service to help you market in smarter ways!

Key elements of our marketing automation framework

Lead capturing system

The process of marketing automation and using specific software to automate some aspects of capturing leads and promote marketing, gives you the ability to generate better leads. Capturing leads through marketing automation software provides better results without much time investment in traditional outreach and sales system.

Status updates

Marketing automation helps in keeping customers up-to-date with the status of services offered and other company details. The users have no time to come down to the website and check for the updates of the company, whereas automated marketing will give them the current status in a single automated mail.


Who has the time to check a website and look down at their notification section, unless they are eagerly hoping to see one from the company? Probably, no one. The automated marketing technique provides notifications to customers and potential customers through an auto generated mail or message.


Marketing automation helps in marketing effectively on multiple channels and make reports or mails for repetitive tasks. The technology of marketing automation makes the task of promotion easier. The service is primarily sales and marketing focused, helping to promote business easily.

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