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Complaint and Grievance Redressal Escalation Matrix at
EMarketz India Pvt Ltd

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Customer Service is a key focus area of EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. Customer Service for us is a holistic approach targeting continuous improvement in customer experience and quality of our operations. We firmly believe in Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and due to this our process undergoes changes every three months.

The Customer Complaint and Grievance Redressal Policy presents a structure for addressing the customer Grievances and turnaround time associated with them.


The objective of this policy is as under

  • All customers are treated fairly and without bias at all times irrespective of caste, religion, place and sex.
  • All issues raised by customers are dealt with utmost case and respect.
  • Customers are made completely aware of their rights, policies and processes at EMarketz from time to time.

Recording & tracking of complaints

All the complaints received by EMarketz are recorded and tracked by the client support team. All the complaints received must be logged by clients or their authorised representatives directly and the complaint ID must be mentioned in all correspondence.

Quality of resolution

EMarketz conducts a quarterly quality audit to ensure categorisation and assignment of complaints and to check whether the resolution is complete and correct. Quality scores of each resolution are shared with respective team members after the audit report to be also reported to the Customer Service Committee of the company.

For general queries and suggestions, please contact by writing in to

For finance queries, invoice, proforma invoice, GST, TDS or any other queries, please contact by writing in to or call at +91-9599063445 Extension 3

For complaints and grievances please follow the below matrix and escalation procedure

Generating complaint id - Please use the form below to generate your complaint id

1st Level

Generation of complaint ID and wait for one business day for response from client support team of EMarketz.

2nd Level

If you don’t hear anything for upto two business days post writing to level 1, Please write to . Always quote your complaint ID.

3rd Level

Please write to quoting your complaint ID if you don’t get a revert within two business days from level 2. Please send the mail exchange history of level 1 and 2 interactions as well.

For all legal matters, you may contact by writing in at

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