Guide to Website Audit

A website has become the face of an organization. It is used for various purposes and serves as one of the cheapest and most effective means to communicate the firm’s vision, mission, status, achievements etc apart from displaying their products as well as services and then of course a host of other activities are also included. Since almost each and every action related to business has become enmeshed with the website, so it is very important to keep a track on the website and feed the same with updates to keep it live. A vibrant website is obviously a great proposition that comes with a host of advantages. Given that there are so many benefits to attracting more and more traffic to the website, it is essential that the firm or the people concerned be very careful about what is displayed on the website, whether the content, the visual images and animations or the entire feel is relevant or not. Relevance is not the only catchword since there are other factors to be taken care of. Nevertheless, all these activities are directed towards bringing more traffic to the website. However, it is not the only criterion. Others always follow since one should keep in mind that even the traffic that visits the website has to be relevant. So in addition to bringing in more traffic to a website, proper analysis should be done to ensure that the traffic is among the target customers of the website, the web traffic visiting the website are motivated by going through the website and also whether the website is effective in all the functions it is supposed to perform. All these and much more can be understood by proper audit of the website. Thus given the multiplicity of functions performed by websites, it is essential that the traffic who visit the website or for that matter the sales generated through the website should be scrutinized properly so that these yield sound results that may be used to rectify or modify the website and make it even more customer or visitor friendly. specializes in website auditing activities and the results of our audits are truly reliable and the suggestions very effective.

It is known to most people related to working with websites that the websites should undergo audits from time to time. However, the process that actually yields proper and optimal results that may be used to reassess or revamp the website so as to create better value through the website is not known to many. In this regard, the first thing to be noted is that the website traffic who visit the same over a period of time should be relevant traffic. Not all people who are visitors to the website are relevant traffic or contribute to the success of the website or the features or beneficial in optimizing the availing of the products or services it has to offer. Given the fact that we must sift through the web traffic so as to generate better insight into the tastes and preferences of individuals, the analyses that are performed should also be effective. However, one may be guided to audit the website effectively and objectively.

One of the first and foremost things that should be done while trying to audit a website is to find out which are the most visited web pages in the entire website. This would help one to understand which are the most popular web pages of the particular website that drive most web traffic to the website. Also, one should list the 10 most visited web pages for the purpose. In order to make a list of the 10 most visited web pages, one should ensure that one follows the system of gradation. Grading of web pages would help in finding out not only the web pages which are more popular than the others but also serve to come up with the level of effort required to make it more web traffic savvy. Apart from these benefits, another very pertinent advantage to grading websites is that the shortcomings also become much more apparent. And that is one of the foremost objectives of the website audit program. Since the identification of the problems is done in an objective manner, the next step is to focus on fixing those problems and shortcomings of the web pages.

Now grading of websites is not all that easy a task. Since it has to be done rather objectively, one should keep in mind that the gradation may be done on the overall website or by dividing it into various sub categories. These separate categories should take care of the leading objects in any web page like the overall feel, content, visual aids used as well as the appeal factor along with assessing the effectiveness of the particular web page. In this way one can grade each sub point so that once this is done, one knows the exact area that requires attention or revamping.

Fixing the drawback or shortcoming is also not a very easy task. Finding faults is only half the problem solved. Thus one should also know how to fix the problem or rather what is to be done to fix the problem. In this case, again the first step while guiding about the website audit comes handy. The top 10 web pages one has listed among all the pages in one’s website are indeed the most popular web pages and are visited by the most number of people. So the individual grades for these web pages are more likely to be higher and better as well as more appealing to the visitors of the web pages. So these may be followed to understand what the main drivers to the website are and thus followed by the other web pages in order make the website better.

However, as mentioned before, all web traffic is not relevant to the website. So, even before one categorizes or ranks the web pages, one must ensure that the ranking is based on proper visitors who are actually interested in the content given within the website. The way one can easily boil down to whether a particular visitor is actually relevant to the offerings of a website is by following the web pages visited by the visitor. Also various analytical software are available that are normally used by people to assess the relevance of web traffic.

The main objective of website audit is therefore to make a close estimate of exact what is not working on a particular website or which particular pages are relatively subdued in comparison to the other pages. Also, the bulk of web traffic can also be gauged through these efforts. Again, streamlining of website auditing activities helps to assess better the quality of web traffic. The bulk of web traffic to a certain website may be huge but most of it may be completely irrelevant for the website. Moreover, this problem arises when the overall feel and content or even the visual graphics given in the website do not convey the message it is supposed to convey. In such cases search engines yield wrong results. People do visit the website much but neither do the people who visit the website benefit nor does the website since the message is wrong. So just like search engine optimization keywords, the web pages should also carry key features so that search engines are able to project the website in its true light.

That way one can assure the right profile of clients as well as customers visit the website. Also, this optimizes the sales of the products and services offered by the company through the website. This apart, there are certain other issues pertaining to the technicalities of the website that should also be tracked from time to time. One major point that is to be remembered while launching any website is that any website is basically a collage of various web pages and each website should be designed in such a manner that it comes up with a synergistic effect when the pages are compiled together. This can only be done if the message across all the pages of the website is uniform and there are no lapses in any of the pages. However, there are certain technical points in this regard. Crawlability is also one major issue. Interlinking is yet another point that can make or break a website. Thus these technicalities should be taken care of in a proper manner so that the ultimate rendition of the website can be exhibited a uniform image and one that exudes of a synergistic effect. This directly influences the customers or clients of the website and optimizes sales. Moreover, the brand building factors are also helped in this regard. Therefore, while taking an audit of any website, one should not only go for a relative ranking of the pages or gradation of the various factors considered to be of paramount importance but also take into consideration technicalities that may otherwise mar the entire effort into an exercise in futility. However, if still in doubt, one can obviously take professional assistance from for any of the above mentioned aspects at affordable prices and unmatched quality of services.

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