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The intent to optimise the website

The intention of optimising a website is to make it better, faster, and easier for the users to use. Therefore, resulting in increased number of leads converting into customers. The best proven techniques are used by teams at EMarketz to optimise your website and make it more accessible to the viewers. We put to use a mix of old and new website optimisation techniques to improve the overall ranking of the website.

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Over-optimising a thing

Over-optimising is a real thing in the digital world. Back in the days, over-optimising a website was about stuffing it with keywords and providing a backlink to it wherever possible. The idea of stuffing your website with more and more keywords have been obsolete now with the changing norms of Google. Ever since Google has started to penalise the sites for tricking the crawlers, people have started to use relevant content with sufficient keywords.

Keyword mapping

The keywords have to be mapped in the content, H1 tag, URL, and other headings on the page.

Relevant content

The content should not stuff keywords in it, and has relevant content in the webpage for the readers.

Increase the speed

The speed of a website plays an important role, so that the user does not bounce to another website.

Optimising a website leads to

Rise in conversion rate

Optimising the website maximizes its conversion rate and its ability to generate more leads and sales. The image tags and the content of the website helps in the rise of its conversion rate with the right and clear content reaching to the users.

Boost in search engine ranking

Fetching keywords will help in boosting search engine ranking of website, as website optimisation is nothing more than using the right keywords. It provides a clear insight to the user that they have landed to the right place through the keywords.

Rise in credibility and direct traffic

The new techniques like image alting and using schema markup helps in rising the credibility of a website and directing the right traffic to it. Website optimisation in India rises the credibility and builds the trust of the user, as they land on the website.

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