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Why does the speed of a webpage matter so much?

The speed of a webpage is most of the time confused with the speed of the website, which is not the same, although interrelated. Page speed can be described as the loading speed of a web page, to provide a positive user experience and lower the bounce rate of a webpage. The longer a web page takes to load, the faster the user switches to another website or webpage.

Image optimization

You should optimise the images on the web pages to allow them to load in time. But how are the images optimised? Image optimisation is done through reducing its file size without impacting its visual quality.

CSS optimization

CSS is a sheet used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language. Having an inline CSS for every webpage will reduce the loading speed of the webpage, thence external CSS file should be created.

Javascript optimization

The developer and designer should check the details of custom scripts and files to eliminate conflicts. Therefore there should be minimum resources and plugins used in the javascript of the webpages.

HTML minification

We provide actionable CDN advice and support for further improvement with minimum HTML codes and enough cache and other files for the web page to load in time. Cache and other files will maximise the resources of the webpage.

What do we offer under our web page speed optimisation guidance package?

The speed of the webpage determines how fast your visitors will access the content on your website. So it is quite important!

Make fewer HTTP requests

We do image maps combine the files and inline the images of a webpage to minimise the http requests on the server.

Clean the code

We remove all the unnecessary characters, white spaces, duplicate script and clean the code for better speed.

Javascript and CSS code

We put the javascript and CSS codes in external files for the server to use cache copies and reduce loading time.

Avoid redirects

Redirecting web pages takes longer than usual to open a webpage, so we try to avoid redirects on the server.

Compress documents and scripts

We use tools to compress your documents and help the web pages load faster with minimised and zipped documents and scripts.

Fix 404 error

404 errors makes users move to another website due to delayed loading of webpage. We fix it to improve the overall quality.

Optimise your web page speed now!

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