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Why do websites need SEO? Read the Free Manual from EMarketz India Pvt Ltd


This book is all about Search Engine Optimisation, the three magic words that transform the fate of a website and decides how it would perform on the Internet. The book tells about the latest and most essential techniques of SEO, like Website Optimization and Link Building Services. It also takes a look at the most preferred services available today, Guaranteed SEO services.

In the overcrowded market of e-marketing services available online, it is vital to choose a service that provides efficient and timely help. The book makes it easy for a reader to select the best suited service. Let’s get started with the process of making your website a revenue generating asset.


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SEO or so to speak search engine optimization has featured as an almost mandatory service that has been availed by websites of all types. The worth of these services has been lately understood and thus organizations have started including SEO services as part of the budgets allocated for their websites or web services. This calls for an understanding of what SEO means and what may be achieved through the effective as well as optimal use of the concept.

Search engine optimization refers to those activities that help in increasing the visibility of a website or web page. Thus the improved ranking of the website or web page gives it better chances to be seen as well as opted for. It is a known fact that users of the internet have an inclination for settling for what they need within the search results of the first couple of web pages of the search engine and thus the probability of being a website with better visibility enhances the effectiveness of the website or web page as a whole.

Since this helps to highlight the main purpose of the website, so website owners, firms and the like have made it a point to take the help of SEOs in order to optimize the chances of their websites or web pages being noticed. However, since almost all firms and institutes have started exploring these techniques, the effectiveness of these techniques has reduced considerably. Though, the reduction in effectiveness has affected the sure shot success of SEO strategies, nevertheless there is hardly an alternative to pursuing SEO activities, given the purpose it serves for the website or web page.

So, organizations have started looking for specialists in this area who can help their clients in such a way that the SEO activities so undertaken stand out from the clutter. This obviously requires people with capabilities of the highest order; something that the SEO specialists at leading SEO companies call their forte. As far as specialized SEO activities are concerned, these normally do not consist of activities that are radically different from what others do, but comprise those same activities that are done in a different manner. And of course these yield superior results as compared to normal SEO activities.

In case you consider an SEO company that exclusively deals in SEO activities making it their core competency, then a recommended choice in this area is Emarketz. The firm has been involved in all types of SEO activities for a long time and has seen the evolution of SEO from its very inception. Thus, the changing patterns of SEO activities are known to the specialists of the company. Moreover, since the firm has stood the test of time, so it is evident that the SEO specialists know how to cope up with the changing demands of this particular area. Also, it is a firm of repute that has earned wide acclaim by coming up with successful SEO activities for their clients. Many of the clients are esteemed organizations that are known all over the world. Many of the clients owe much of their prominence on the internet to Emarketz.

The SEO specialists at Emarketz are professional SEO specialists who have years of experience to their credit. The creativity coupled with requisite experience has given them the cutting edge over other SEO professionals who just know the trade but fall short of creating an impact on the internet. And that is exactly where they succeed and thrive. Their SEO activities have been well accepted and the results are vividly evident from the success that the clients have tasted on the internet. Also, the awareness of these companies, their specific web pages and the like has shot up at an astronomical rate and the instances of success are numerous.

Furthermore, as an SEO company, Emarketz has built the requisite infrastructure by ensuring that the entire process of SEO activities can be managed within the firm and that the company does not have to depend on external agencies for any part of the process. This has also added to its credibility as an SEO service provider. Apart from having access to the best talent in the field, they also have provide the best software as well as hardware support, round the clock supervision by a special team, working for extra hours on special demand etc., and a host of other features.

With such a distinctly diverse infrastructure as well as comprehensive range of services, Emarketz is much ahead its competitors. The range of services include finding out the various keywords apt for a company or web page and then writing SEO articles that help augment the chances of utilizing these keywords to the maximum extent possible.

The backlink building services of EMarketz are also very popular. People select comprehensive packages that include all the services possible under the broader gamut of SEO activities. The rates for these services vary from plan to plan. The rates depend on how comprehensive the plans are, the duration for which the plan is being chosen as well as how extensive the plan is. In context of the present trends of growing SEO activities, obviously clients are sure to profit from exhaustive plans. However, short but effective plans are also available. Given the huge number of plans that are existing for SEO services, it is better if one can directly get in touch with the project managers and get exact quotes as well as know the exact plan that suits the client.

Guaranteed SEO Services

Why you need Guaranteed SEO Service

When we browse the net to get or search some information on some topic we often see the list of links that seem to be competing with each other to reach the top or attract the user’s gaze. We wonder on what basis these web links or web pages are ranked. This is what we call the search engine optimization mechanism.

Search engine optimization aims to increase the visibility of a website or a web page. Thus the ranking of a webpage depends on more people actually browsing the specific web page. SEO is not only confined to the search of information but may target different types of search including videos, images etc. SEO service has gained significant importance and recognition and has become immensely popular these days owing to so many companies being involved in the business of web pages and web sites. With the advent of more companies opting towards web marketing, SEO has become very popular.

The question, however, arises that why we need guaranteed SEO services. Guaranteed SEO provides guaranteed visibility of a website and thus maintaining a secured position of one’s site on the first page of a search engine. It has been studied in a recent survey that 90% traffic of search engines is directed towards the top ten websites on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP). Not more than 10% traffic moves on websites on second page, indicating that the presence on the first page gives a particular web page or a website an online web identity. In the web market, there are a number of companies offering SEO services to choose from, but very less in number may offer a Google TOP page guarantee. To put it in other words, guarantee SEO assures that one’s website will be displayed on the first page of a search engine which would in turn attract more and more visitors. The main job of SEO Services companies is to offer a complete SEO and positioning solution in every corner of the world. SEO services also help in higher sales of website, which strengthens the corporate identity and increases product sales around the globe.

Assured results, with economic packages

The prices for Guaranteed SEO services may vary from a small amount to one that can burn a hole in the client’s pockets. A small company can even resort to investing a small scale of money against the industry average. This is less expensive while compared to the most expensive company that charges in excess. Many SEO service companies design their price scheme in accordance with the size of the firm. This does not mean that the companies that are investing huge sums in the SEO companies would have a better ranking than those who are investing a lesser amount.

There are many SEO service companies offering plans to keep the web page in the top ten lists with the lowest possible package. Guaranteed SEO service comes in premium packages, affordable packages, and cheap packages. Low cost SEO may lead one to believe that there are more expensive alternatives, with plans which are even costlier and come with a better effectiveness, available in the market. And this has culminated into popularity of highly successful packages of low cost SEO.

How Guaranteed SEO services work

Ideally, humans are not machines or engines; rather no comparison can ever be drawn between these two different entities. It is then obvious that how search engines view web pages is quite different from how human beings actually search web pages. Unlike human beings, search engines are text driven. Despite the rapid technological changes, search engines are still away from being intelligent like humans. A search engine rather works in a mechanical way. Search engines crawl the web and make an idea about what the text is all about. It also helps in making small modifications to parts of one’s website or webpage. On viewing individually these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations they could have noticeable impact on a site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.

Search engines work in a systematic way. First, it crawls the web to see and understand the content. This particular task is performed by specific software called the spider or a crawler. The work of a spider is to follow links from one page to another and index everything they find on their way. Among over 20 billion web pages it becomes difficult for a crawler to visit a site daily to check if a new page has appeared or an old page has been modified. What one can do is check what a spider sees from the one’s site.

After the page has been crawled, the next step is to index its content. The indexing, however, begins with identifying the words and expressions that describe the page in the best way, and assigning the page to particular keywords. For human beings it is not possible to store and remember a huge amount of data, like a SEO tool does. The next step is the processing part. The moment a query is entered by the visitor or the end user, the search engine starts to process it. This step is followed by calculation of the relevancy of each web page and each string.

In this regard, what does is comprehend what may be the keywords that most people are likely to search with. Thus, the researches it does in this regard are extensive, and the personnel entrusted with doing the task are experienced and the best in the industry. Moreover, while offering guaranteed SEO services, it initiates processes that have proved to be successful in the past. It even couples established strategies with new ones that have also been researched upon. This makes its SEO services impeccable and also vouches for the guarantee of success of the SEO campaigns it offers to its clients.

Website Optimization

Website optimization refers to augmenting the relative ranking of websites on accepted search engines. This is generally performed by coming up with various activities that aim at achieving higher web traffic, ameliorated sales, higher reach within the target market, higher conversion rates and so on and so forth. Therefore, there is hardly any speck of doubt why this has turned out to be the foremost of those services that is required by organisations, in the light of the importance of the role the internet plays in business today and the multiple applications that websites serve these days for various purposes.

Benefits of website optimization

Website optimization, as the name suggests, involves techniques that help to augment the utility of the website as a whole. Obviously, this can be done in myriad ways and thus the possibilities of a properly optimized website are huge. It can, in fact, sky rocket the chances of higher sales as well as help build a strong brand for the products, services or organization it promotes. However, these techniques require the knowhow of a lot of aspects. Not only does one need the technical expertise but also experience coupled with skills, insights as well as acumen. The keen understanding of what step can lead to how much augmentation of the website, or for that matter which particular activity among the bundle of activities would yield the maximum benefits, as regards the objectives of website optimization is the most important requirement.

The various techniques are aimed at –

• Increasing awareness about a product, service, brands or organization
• Creating demand for the product or service
• Doing brand building exercises
• Making the website more user-friendly as well as interactive
• Ensuring more web traffic to the website
• Seeing to it that the target customers get the exact message that the marketers want
• Ensuring that the website is in tune with the other integrated marketing communication techniques used by the firm of the client

Optimization requires the comprehension of what would work for a specific website and make it more usable, popular, aware among the target customers, as well as more interactive and user friendly. The objective may also be to ensure that the website can be transformed into a unique experience. In this context, one should always as a rule go for a firm that specializes in website optimization activities. The specialists available with these firms always have an extra edge over others. Website optimization is one such area that is required to be performed after every couple of years, and this enhances the need for website optimization specialists.

Know the industry leaders

EMarketz is a firm known all over the world for its website optimization techniques. A company, competent in the wide range of techniques required to ensure the highest level of optimization possible, the firm has developed keen insight into the requirements of the market. The various professionals working with EMarketz are people with vast experience, as well as exposure to diverse markets. Moreover, there are on board quite a few specialists for internet marketing, as well as e business specialists who have had a proven track record so far. Thus, the rich array of personnel gives the company huge strength to march forward and capture the whole world in the area of website optimization.

The company has the knowledge of all the techniques that are widely being used for website optimization. Also, EMarketz always keeps abreast of the latest developments in the market, so as to better cater to the changing needs, demands as well as aspirations of clients. Coupled with that is its progressive orientation that gives the urge to always move forward and search for better, newer as well as more optimal ways to project websites before the users of the internet.

EMarketz has come up with unmatched solutions for website optimization for its clients. These solutions are not only one of its kind, the results that our clients have so far achieved have been outstanding. The long list of clients, with whom they have exhibited successful website optimization, is a testimony to their expertise. The people who make website optimization possible are all highly qualified as well as experienced. Of course, they ensure that each project is on time, has met the specific objectives as well as reached the desired level of output for clients.

A lot of plans in the area of website optimization services are available and clients are at their discretion to choose from the vast number of choices depending on the typical requirements or objectives of the client. One has the liberty to go for joint packages that ensure economy on the pricing part or may even want to have customized solutions for optimization of the website. The details about these plans and offerings are available with the Project Managers who offer their services day and night so as to ensure that the clients are given everything as per the specific requirements in the area of website optimization. Also, their prompt services allow one to not waste time and also not worry about the regular updates that are provided to the clients. One can always get in touch with the project managers who would offer assistance with the quotes as well as send the specific queries to the concerned personnel for sound advice on which strategy would work best.

Link Building Services

The world of SEO services is not very big but the major components are mandatory. Though very few activities are to be done under the gamut of SEO services as it may initially seem, but the internal nitty-gritties of these basic activities are such that it requires various skills, experience as well as acumen to accomplish the task and achieve success.

Of the most important tasks under the purview of SEO services, one of the obvious names that would recur in any list is that of link building services. These are specialized tasks and necessitate the inclusion of personnel who have a requisite level of exposure to this area. They must know not only how these activities are carried out, but also what are the strategies that can make link building a task that is worthwhile, as well as absolutely necessary for websites in order to succeed in today’s market.

Why is link building important

As mentioned before, SEO activities remain incomplete without the services of the link builder. Link building actions must be added with the right key words so as to attain enhanced positive effects of SEO strategies. Thus, in the light of the importance attributed to link building activities, it is vital that organizations come up with the right links that are effective and ensure that firms attain the maximum value for the advertising links they invest on. Link building actions also make sure the augmentation of web traffic to a particular website. These activities therefore largely help in making the websites or web pages popular and that too helps to target the appropriate customer segment. In this context, the diverse types of link building services are introduced here.

Types of Link Building services

Link building is of various types and these types have their specific uses. Thus, be it creating link baits or making link magnetism, or even relationship building or dead link building – all these different categories of link building services are available in varying modes.

The most popular, as well as widely used link building activities is that of the link baits and link magnetism. These specific types of link building enable websites as well as companies to grow unhindered, ahead of the other similar service providers on the internet.

One major perquisite to proper link building services is to deliver good content. This is where most SEO, or for that matter link building service providers, falter. It is essential to have excellent content writers as well as researchers who are capable of coming out with great content or more precisely key words on which the content is based. The effectiveness of these key words or even the content needs to be judged according to the response they get.

The rates of link building services vary as per the requirements of the clientele. There are extensive, as well as exhaustive plans that need services on a long term basis. On the other hand, there are plans that are not as comprehensive, however meet the specific requirements of the client or even provide consultancy for the right kind of link building. Services in these specifications can be further divided based on the specific requirements.

Choose a trusted link building service

EMarketz is a link building service provider of repute. At Emarketz, professionals make sure the clientele receive valuable and effective link builder services. There are experienced personnel on board who have the requisite expertise in making websites popular. They make sure that the advertisements or links to the advertisement are positioned to address the appropriate segment of customers, thereby enhancing the possibility of turning the advertisement into a revenue generating source. Apart from this, the varied experience the service has confers the employees with the appropriate mix of essential skills needed to augment the flow of web traffic to a particular website.

EMarketz is one of the foremost dedicated service providers of link building services for SEO activities. These services have been one of the flagship services, and thus their list of clients is not only enviable but also admirable. With dozens of MNCs as clients, EMarketz indeed has a portfolio to boast of when it comes to link building services.

Another aspect of the company is the group of employees– all excellent in their own domains. Be it experience or exposure to diverse link building activities, or functional as well as technical or theoretical knowledge about link building – the personnel have it all in them.

The plans that EMarketz offers, along with the custom made solutions that it offers, are high on quality as well as affordable. The less popular of the link building services that it has normally cater to clients who are not big enough to represent the entire gamut of the products or services they offer and thus believe in symbiotic growth. However, these types of link building services are no less effective and thus many of the smaller clients have received stupendous response from these link building activities. One can get free quotes for the specific requirements along with a session that may help the client to boil down to the right kind of link building services for meeting a particular objective.


After going through this brief introduction to the concepts that make a difference to the performance of websites, and understanding the way in which the techniques work, you would certainly go for the best available solution. Keep in mind the essential factors that make one service better than the rest. We hope you have benefitted from this book.

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