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Using the Search Query Report for Finding New Keywords

E-commerce companies are always looking for ways to get additional clients. Many SEO companies advise them to expand their strategies into new paid search platforms. But another suggestion would be for them to use the Search Query Report more effectively. The most common use of this report has been to find negative words. However, they can also be used in an effective manner for finding new keywords that will help the online fortunes of the company.

Dynamic Search Advertisements do not use keywords. On the other hand they are triggered based on the query made by a user which happens to match the theme of the website or a product or service that is sold on the website. However, there are times when the DSA headline itself is the designated page title. The Search Query Report can be used to find keywords that are most effective and then build DSA campaigns that make it easy for the users to find the website.

Shopping campaigns do not have much by way of irrelevant queries, but they still need the right keywords to be effective. Advertisers can look at the kind of text used by customers to search for what they are looking for on the web. They can then use the text, find the right keywords and create suitable advertising campaigns. The Shopping Search Query Report tells the advertiser which queries were converted and which products the customers clicked on. This gives the advertisers quite a bit of information that they can use in their campaigns.

The keywords that are used in Top of Funnel campaigns tend to be very broad. TOF campaigns can give the advertisers great feedback if they used keywords that allowed for expansion. The Report can help develop a new keyword that could even result in the website getting a new landing page.

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