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Top 5 PPC Strategies to Look out for in 2019 to Improve your Sales Bottom Line

Marketing is essential for every business to expand irrespective of its size. This is because, having the best product/service in the market, but no customers being aware of its existence, wouldn’t be of any use. The only way out is to promote (online or offline) your offerings across platforms.  

Although back in the days, traditional marketing was the backbone of most businesses striving for expansion, with the advancement in technology, businesses have shifted from snail mail, face-to-face interactions, etc. to digital marketing techniques.

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Online marketing techniques, including SEO strategy, social media promotion, content marketing, etc. is growing rapidly in the modern era. Although each & every strategy is quite effective, PPC has proved its worth of being one of the best tactics for online advertising.

PPC Campaign Google Adwords Services of advertising, whether via Twitter or Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Pinter is an excellent approach to reach the buyers swiftly and promote your products & services. 

Organizations today, irrespective of their size, are using PPC to grow their businesses in a controlled and profitable manner. 

A glimpse of a few reasons that make PPC a great marketing technique for businesses of all sizes

  • Targeted traffic - Unlike any other strategy (SEO), PPC doesn’t take too much time in acquiring traffic for your website. It helps you obtain instant traffic and generate sales within weeks. 

  • Retargeting - In order to increase conversions, one of the best things that you can do is to use retargeting. This is a technique in which you have to create campaigns and then target people who have already visited your website but did not convert.

  • Measurable ROI - PPC campaign lets you view the number of people clicked on your ad, ended up buying your product/services. It also helps in optimizing the ad campaign performance. 

  • Enables you to find key issues with your offering - Upon obtaining traffic, you can analyze positive & negative elements in your website. You can learn what rates the sales are converting, and if there is a lack of conversions, PPC managers can investigate the reasons behind it. 

  • Works effectively with other digital marketing channels - PPC works well with other online marketing channels. For instance, you can use PPC to test the effectiveness of keywords. This way, you can use the right keywords to target with long term SEO Services

The pay-per-click industry is undergoing tremendous changes. For example, Google renamed its Adwords to Google Ads and included several features & campaign types. 

In this increasingly demanding market, for a campaign to be effective, it is a must for businesses to adopt new techniques. 


1. Utilize inverted unicorn tactic:- Regular ad targeting is nothing but casting a narrow net to expand engagement rates. Whereas, the "inverted unicorn" consists of two completely unrelated interests in targeting. Using this, you can easily bring in whoever happens to be a part of your actual targets. You can also deploy seemingly unrelated interests in customizing your ads. This approach has the potential to add more dimensions to the ads, thereby making them seem more compelling and stand out from the rest. Such ads have remarkably reduced costs due to high engagement rates.

2. Reverse engineer the conversion funnel:- Online marketers usually save clicks to convert users faster. The strategy behind this is, the faster you get the visitors through the marketing funnel, the more you get to convert.

But the majority of times, increasing the user’s engagement time with your ads can give you the same results. The key technique to be used here is to reverse engineer the conversion funnel to know what actually works for you. Sometimes adding something extra to a part of the funnel increases conversions. For instance, adding an interactive preview for your offering can convince the user to purchase.

3. Map conversion actions:- Not all visitors are in the same place in the buying process. Therefore, not all should be requested to perform the same conversion action. When developing PPC campaigns, it’s vital to determine the conversion action that makes sense for each stage of the funnel. 

Understand where the inventory of CTA fit in the buyer funnel and map those into your campaigns. Upon mapping, check if any pieces are missing or are there any weaknesses that you could fill in with superior calls to action. 

4. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) :- Artificial Intelligence has evolved and developed over the years. This technology is now being used to perform specific tasks effectively and efficiently in every section, including online marketing. Utilizing AI for the PPC campaigns would help in PPC bidding, keyword research, identification of trends, creation of new & latest ads, competitor analysis, and reporting, etc. In addition, smart AI cuts down the research time and utilizes the same for managing diverse PPC campaigns. 

5 Remarket by long-tail keywords:- Remarketing is undoubtedly the best online marketing strategies since repeat customers provide more value. This approach enhances the PPC campaign by reaching out to users who did not make any purchase on your site. The best method to implement this technique is to follow the long-tail-keyword queries in every remarketing platform. This is followed by developing a list of retargeting users per ad group by employing the UTM parameter. This can be taken to a higher level by using lookalikes. This enables you to target similar audiences, thus expanding remarketing to a new audience. 

PPC is here to stay. Use the above mentioned (but not limited to) strategies to skyrocket conversions and reach the bottom line of the sales funnel quickly with little effort.


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