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SEO Service that will help you rank higher

You must have heard the term SEO multiple times, that's obvious, that is why you are here. But what actually is SEO? How does SEO works? Which is the best seo service company? We are here to answer these questions. 

SEO Meaning: Search Engine Optimization is what SEO actually stands for. SEO is conducted with a view to generate a good and high amount of quality and quantity traffic on a particular website organically i, e., without actually paying any money to search engines. SEO is mainly carried out in two ways: ON-Page Optimization and OFF-Page Optimization. 

ON-Page SEO: It refers to optimizing our own web page to generate quality and quantity of traffic. Optimizing the content and HTML both comes under the process of ON-Page Optimization.

OFF-Page SEO: It refers to anything that you do beyond your website to rank higher in the SERPs. LInk building is considered to be the best practice of off-page SEO. But it goes way beyond link building too.

What does SEO Produces:

Quality: Your website may attract the whole world, But what is the use if they only come if google has asked them to come on your website, by saying that you are giving away free Apple phones. That is not the kind of traffic you will want to come on your website, that's not quality traffic. Instead, you’ll want your traffic to be genuine, a traffic that is actually taking or showing some amount of interest in your product or service.

Traffic Quantity: The people genuinely clicking on your website, that what exactly will determine traffic quantity.

The Results produced are Organic: The quality and quantity of traffic that you have gained is organic .i. e, you have not paid money to Google to list you higher in SERPs.

Working of SEO: Anything that you search (or speak) in the search engine box, opens up quite a number of pages. Have you ever thought why only those links have been shown?, or why one link is shown up and one is shown down? 

The ans is SEO. Whenever you search anything, the search engine has crawlers, those crawlers goes around the websites and rings all the content related to your search for indexing. Based on the algorithms of the search engine and content related to your search, the search engine provides the links in the sequence which matches your search. 

And Algorithms of SEO takes a lot of factors into consideration.

We have answered the questions, what is SEO? And how it works? And now the answer to the question which is the best SEO service company? The answer is not as complicated as SEO looks like, it's simple, Emarketz provides the Best SEO services.

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