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Plan Your Sales (Leads) for the New Financial Year 21-22 with EMarketz India Pvt Ltd

The financial year from April 2020 to March 2021 was not good for most businesses. For the first time in our generation, we saw a grinding halt to complete human activity. The disruption which technology was causing to old business models was suddenly looking small in comparison to the disruption caused by the virus. 

EMarketz worked with many of its clients and brought out innovative offerings like “Leads Credit Plan” and VT++ leads which reduced the risk of conversions and helped the client with cash flow. 

Business fraternity is looking at new hopes and revival from April, 2021 and many experts believe that an immediate surge in business sentiment and activity is expected now. It is time that you now put the losses and trouble behind and look forward to better days again. 

With EMarketz on your side, you can schedule for fresh leads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Speak to your sales consultant by calling at 9599063445 or write to us at

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