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Pipeline builder - When to opt for pipeline builder for your business?

Pipeline builder gets the job done on time, every time!


Undoubtedly, Pipeline Builder has emerged as a recruiter tool which, most modestly speaking, helps companies hire large number of employees within a short period of time. In the current era of fast pacing lives and busy corporate schedules, organisations need qualified and talented pool of candidates for significant positions in no time. This is exactly the wonder of pipeline builder!


As Pipeline Builder is reaching new progressive stages, companies are coming up with exciting ways to, what they call, ‘reach, attract and engage’ top-quality talent efficiently. The very functionality of this startling feature by linkedin poses immense opportunities; whether it be its LinkedIn advertising option, or exploiting chunks of data concerning appropriate profiles accumulated at a later stage. One click by the user and everything gets auto populated!


If that was not enough, data of LinkedIn users are secured with LinkedIn, as compared to Facebook, google, or any other corporate site. (However, we seriously believe that this might be proven as a false sense of security in future, however, till date, numerous studies back it up.)


Opt for pipeline builder for your business when you want to:


  • You are actively looking for fresh candidates who have never applied to your company

  • Attract the right talent for senior or designated roles

  • Urgently require high-volume hiring at low costs

  • Present your company as an Employee-friendly brand name (by posing as personalized and relevant career opportunity to targeted audiences)

  • Provide your recruiting team with qualified leads at all times

  • Connect with passive candidates and get them into the job funnel

  • Foster long-term hiring needs in a systematic and transparent manner

  • Exploit personalized Sponsored Updates and Recruitment Ads for hiring


If you choose quality over quantity, Pipeline Builder is just the right business strategy for you!

  1. Set the minimum criteria and filter the candidates accordingly

  2. On clicking ads, the users are redirected to a personalized landing page

  3. ‘I am Interested’ button in the landing page enables aspirants share their profile with ease

  4. The feature of direct integration with LinkedIn Recruiter helps you effectively engage with prospective candidates.

By using Pipeline Builder, interested candidates can be converted into job aspirants and good hires for any company as and when you want.


So why not revivify your company by targeting the ideal candidates with tailored contents? As they say it, start searching less, and hiring more with this wonder feature!  

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