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Not happy with your FB/Insta Leads? Switch to EMarketz’s Leads Program

Many business owners report low or no conversions with leads obtained from Facebook campaigns. While Facebook campaigns are easy to run and manage, some leads come in from fake accounts while others just fill up the lead forms with no intent of making a purchase. This leads to wastage of resources as your sales force gets busy working on these leads while there is little or no intent of the enquiring clients to make a purchase. 

If this situation sounds familiar to you, it is time that you look beyond the usual leads program from FB or Insta. At EMarketz India Pvt Ltd, we own and operate 300+ knowledge web portals where our content curation team interacts with the decision makers and provides them tips, tricks and knowledge base. When we market a service at EMarketz, we do so with a purpose and justify the end use benefit of the product or service which we are marketing. This leads to engagements and discussions with the business owners and vendors. Many of our clients have saved money and time and accelerated their sales by opting for leads from EMarketz. 

Ditch your traditional leads campaign and switch to EMarketz. Ask us for a quote now.

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