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Need more FOS? Ask EMarketz

The more ‘Feet On Street’, the better

‘Feet On Street’ though sounds antiquated, remains prominent even in the era of internet as it is the core of successful business all across the globe. Companies relying on dynamic data require strong Feet On Street; it succours them to develop finer relationship with clients.

Employing Feet On Street, is an inexpensive way to promote your business and gain recognition. A dedicated and passionate ‘Feet On Street team’ can walk up directly to the audience, wave at them, engage them in one-to-one brand experience and get them excited about your brand. What they most simply do, is translating the excitement into action.

Why does your business need to hire a ‘Feet On Street’ team

  • Feet On Street team works 24/7 to build you a rapport and positive brand value among customers.

  • Accessing the usually ignored, or difficult to reach areas come within the easy access reach of an adroit team

  • The team effectively proliferates your business into the realms of social media

  • Creates a buzz around for your product/service, thereby exposing your business to wider audiences

The responsive and intelligently employed sales force, increases your sales at lower costs. The cost of not choosing to build your FOS team now, is just too high. The optimal sales force mix rely on the company’s unique combination of retail channels and product categories.

Take these 2 easy tips for building an optimal sales force mix, by

1. Choosing one among the outsourcing models wisely

  • Syndicated or ‘continuity’ coverage - Manufacturer hires an outsourcing vender.  

  • Project or retail coverage - Vendor’s service is purchased  for a project at a time.

  • Dedicated or exclusive resource coverage - Outsourcing vendor is hired, vendor focuses solely on that manufacturer.

2. Building outsourcing management capability which mainly depends on,

  •           Processes - Build cycle-planning process which serves the need of vendors and                                                                               manufacturers.

  •           Organization - The retail merchandising organization shrinks to reflect its new role and rebalances its staff to include a planning coordinator and analyst resources.

  •           Analytics - Retail effectiveness require deployment modeling and target setting.

  •        Systems - Analytical engine that supports cycle-planning process is fed with data collected during store visits.

What makes EMarketz better than other folks?

We are specialists in what we offer! We, with our creative pool of assets, have the nerves to proclaim to your prospective customers why they should opt for your brand. Also, we have the three E’s which one cannot just ignore; ‘Energy, Excitement and Experience’ to prove what we say!

Emarketz has hired its sales personnel after a rigorous recruitment process to ensure each client results to yearn for. The team is not only well-educated and informed about the latest digital marketing and communications requirements, but are also equipped with the right material, sources and on-the-job training from industry experts.

Our years of expertise in sales and marketing makes us highly differentiated from all other companies and help us deliver the best run in the market!

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