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Lead Generation for Mailing List Creation

Tap the higher ROI associated with verified, targeted emailing lists created by our team at Emarketz which assists you to build relevant lists as per your business/industry.

Business is all about leverage and the most personal yet effective form of communication between you and your customers is Emails. Although social media marketing has dethroned several Digital Marketing services techniques, it is yet to compete with the robust Email marketing adopted as a rigorous tactic aiming specific groups. According to a study, 

  • Around 65% of people purchase a product after receiving promotional Emails
  • Approximately 92% of the customers keep visiting their mailbox every day
  • When compared to all other types of social media marketing, Emails receive 60-100 higher click rates
  • 46% of the customers prefer to be contacted via Emails
  • Emails yield high ROI when compared to all other types of Digital Marketing techniques

Your business website might be receiving high traffic and your team might be working day and night to convert them into your potential leads. Your current traffic might consist of new consumers, potential customers and the ones who have been using your service/product for a long period. However, if you fail to maintain a constant touch with your set of audiences, they might get swayed away by the current highly competitive (and luring) marketing tactics. Staying connected with your customer base via targeted emails is key to building a long-term relationship with your clients and keeping them ‘interested’.  

But for this, you first need a reliable and verified mailing list that can be blindly targeted each time you post. Mail list creating is a simple act of getting people to subscribe to your emails. They are extensively used to send product-specific emails, newsletters, periodicals, or any other informative content to the set of customers.

However, it is easier said than done;

  • Too many or disturbing pop-ups that bug visitors
  • Inability to collect suitable information about customers
  • Unable to assess different trigger points of target groups
  • Lack of converting opt-forms (thank you page, a landing page) in website
  • Ineffective mailing list creation methodology
  • Redundant/outdated/incomplete mailing lists

Customized Mailing lists: Your gateway to 2x sales

We, at Emarketz - Lead Generation Company, are aware that the mail list is a valuable asset to your business. It is a must for you to focus on your existing customers as well as attract new customers for the growth of your business and for increased revenue. In a recent survey conducted among startups and small-scale business houses, a significant 23% were still unaware of the free email lists, group contacts and mass emailing features in their Gmail account.  Our team exploits effective strategies to build your mailing list in a hassle-free and user-friendly manner to help you cultivate a loyal (and interested) client base.

  • Creating a slide-in or a pop-up on your landing page - We are not talking about pop-ups that cause troublesome to your visitor. Instead, we include timed pop-ups depending on the behavior and activity of the visitor. Example, an exit pop-up when he/she wants to leave your web page urging him to look further.
  • Pitching your email newsletter on the social media platform - Why not use your social media fan base and create an Email list? I.e. try pitching your Email newsletter in your social media platforms.
  • Encouraging your visitors to sign-up instantly - We will create a personalized CTA and place them strategically on your blogs or your landing page. We ensure that your newsletter remains focused on a single topic and attracts your visitor's attention. For example, want free Google penalty removal hacks? Sign up now for our newsletter!
  • Including a scroll box - Scroll box is the ultimate option to grasp your visitor’s attention. We will perform A/B testing to determine your visitor’s behavior and then place your CTA. Afterall, CTA works in the best possible manner only when your visitor is ready to take the action.  
  • Dual corrective checks -  We ensure dual verification of the compiled mailing list to detect any grammatical, spacing or punctuation errors.

Our mailing lists are suited to your custom requirements; we build tailor-made lists as per your targeted individual recipients, team-specific groups, and external send-outs to clients and partners.

Create your custom mailing list

Apart from our email lead generation services, we also help you edit and segregate your mailing list as per your business campaign requirements and help you communicate with your target clients through informed content )via an analysis of your business processes). Deciding upon the parameters for target audiences and way of making an easy contact also comes under our purview.

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