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Lead Generation for ITES

The 360 degree transformation witnessed by the IT sector constituting IT services and IT enabled services (ITES) poses a great opportunity for the nation’s economy. By generating employment opportunities, forex revenues, consumerism and prosperity of the burgeoning middle class, the sector stands to be the future growth engine in more than one-way.

Team at Emarketz, opens up your business to new global clients with its unique blend of lead generation specialisation and technical expertise tailored for ITES sector. So why wait longer? Spark up your marketing campaigns through Emarketz, reach the right market segments and achieve higher leads.

Expand your business through ideal sales opportunities

Firms, across all sectors, largely rely on the ITES service providers to make their business streamlined and tech-driven. This has become more of a necessity for most sectors such as banking, insurance, communications, finance, telecom, rather than a choice.

This implies that it is really difficult for outsourcing companies to locate their prospective clients, educate them about the process (and its benefits), and convince them to get them on-board!   

ITES industry, primarily involving with outsourcing of business processes, is dominated by integrated players making it difficult for service providers to reach the bottom of the sales funnel. More recently, driving forces like cloud computing, online retailing, e-commerce and many others are leading to wide awareness of this sector, but fetching good quality as well as volume of leads is still a daydream for many.

Additionally, the sector is limited by the following factors which obstructs the path of effective leads generation:

  • Inability to use referral award program with new client base

  • Inability to adapt new technology and promoting services using outdated approaches

  • Hardships faced in building personable sales and marketing team

  • Focusing on bogus leads rather than the right ones

  • Inability to access global markets due to technological gaps


When it comes to generating leads, there is a lot of buzz across online platforms. Although this is a digital era, social media platforms aren’t very effective in generating quality leads especially for ITES service providers. Technicality, trust issues, compatibility, compliances and rules, all stand as roadblocks to a wide acceptance of the sector’s services at once. Meanwhile, the other effective ways of sales/marketing like, online webinar, Goto meetings, forums, search marketing, etc. are often ignored for this sector by marketers. In order to convert the visitors in closed deals, the right lead generation tools (and techniques) must be put in place. To make your lead generation task effortless, we have found proven lead generation methods that yield best results for your business.

  • Organising online IT trade shows for you to present your services, IT solutions, business's future plans etc.

  • Promotions and offers for visitors on the verge of leaving the page

  • Discover new markets and establish your connection with them

  • Conducting cross promotions & co-marketing for your business

  • Informative video content for target audiences

  • Running campaigns on different pages to redirect abandoned visitors back to the website  

  • Responsive websites with engaging content directed at IT-enabled industries

  • Comprehensible e-books, checklists, graphics, etc. for increased engagement


Re-engaging the lost website traffic

Despite of effective lead generation tactics, one needs to adopt a robust remarketing strategy to get the job done and dusted. We, at Emarketz, through our retargeting strategy, get in touch with abandoning visitors through targeted ads and This is because through remarketing, there are higher chances of the user revisiting our website for more information. Upon monitoring their actions like CTA, form fill ups etc, we check if the webpage visitor is interested in your service and on obtaining a positive signal from the visitor, we share the ‘hot’ lead with you (only upon verifying & confirming that the lead is legitimate).

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