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Lead Generation for HR Process Outsourcing

HR, being a non-profit wing for most organisations, is an obvious activity which is increasingly being handed over to external service providers. Outsourcing human resources (or few of its processes) to an external provider is a big step (you ought to reveal a great deal about your firm to enable him to take over) despite its appreciated advantages including cost-saving, efficiency and easy risk management. This implies that acquiring leads for your HR process outsourcing is quite a tough row to hoe.

Lead Generation for HR Process Outsourcing

Experience fairly plain sailing with our niche HR process outsourcing leads generation services!

Leads generation is no doubt one of the most important activities to be undertaken by an HR process outsourcing company targeting to reach its full potential. Generating real and right leads is a task; it involves time, effort and quite a lot of money at times. To acquire leads that can add value to your business, suitable advertisements, cold calling, emailing, targeting different user groups are a must. But in the current fluctuating and demanding  job market scenarios, this is not enough! Smart leads generation and leads nurturing moves are a prerequisite to bringing the perfect menu of leads on the table for you to convert.

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Outcomes such as validated and qualified leads have become a priority for HR outsourcing businesses facing a tradeoff between quality and quantity leads. You ought to acquire leads despite facing intense competition and struggling to ‘differentiate’ your services and pricing. However, this is easier said than done.   

If you are facing any of the below mentioned difficulties while generating leads for your HR process outsourcing, it is time you find yourself the best leads generation services ASAP:  

  • Difficulty identifying gaps in your marketing funnel

  • Inability to devise successful strategies to fill the gaps

  • Lack of information on particular areas of business for driving the right leads

  • Prioritising leads throughout different stages of the marketing funnel

Hold your horses! To help you overcome these challenges, our talent acquisition experts and leads generation specialists have devised a diversified arsenal of effective tactics that target validated leads for your business.

  • Offline events and online webinars

We indulge in conversations with prospective leads for rapport building without any hint of direct selling. Taking part in webinars and other such events is a useful data-gathering tactic.

  • Using long tail keywords

We engage in rigorous SEO-optimising regime with targeting long tail keywords in guest posts, blogs, web content, images, etc. across our high traffic websites developed for different industries.

  • B2B lead generation checklist and web directories

Our years of experience in generating useful leads for HR firms has helped us devise our own exclusive checklist which is full-proof and all-inclusive.

  • Established technology-supported system

We have built the right infrastructure, tools and techniques to deliver you a robust leads generation loop.

  • Locating leads

Attending conferences, rigorous google search, HR related forums or portals, etc. to identify places we can find relevant leads and potential clients.


These along with our pool of user-friendly and engaging websites developed by a team of web developers & designers, SEO experts, content crafters, and digital marketing specialists, help us convert the ‘visitors’ to ‘leads’ using various customised marketing strategies.


Keep your prospects engaged with our remarketing

As per our records, around 57% of consumers showed a positive reaction to retargeted ads. We catch hold of the user intent on our high traffic websites and further seek budget and specific preferences of the user by remarketing. If a website visitor shows any hint of interest in the service, (even though he/she abandons our website), we continue to interact with the user through targeted media ads, image ads, text ads, etc.

Here’s a short example of our re-marketing activity!

For one of our clients, we identified a target market of 30,000 companies which had to be screened for locating the prospects. Our focus was on identifying characteristics in the companies which could increase the probability of closing the deal by 3x.

We used our set of targeted activities to identify qualifiers to our client’s preferred segments and undertook a rigorous regime of lead generation (and nurturing). The results were significantly higher than our client’s combined leads list of past 2 quarters.


‘Authentic’ leads for your business

To level up the percentage of closed deals, we have strategically devised our own leads verification systems that enable us to offer you only and only validated leads that convert.

Gone are the days when telecallers were able to grab great deals by simply calling prospective leads and converting them into loyal customers. Awareness about the best-practices and expertise in varied spheres including  market identification, database and process management, training and recruiting, content curation is a must to thrive the tough competition in the game of leads generation for your HR process outsourcing business.

Let us help build a robust pipeline your HR outsourcing business is striving for!

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