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Lead Generation for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, investment bankers, security exchanges, loans, investments, stocks, risk management, funds/wealth management or venture capital, and others constituting the financial services industry, rule global markets in terms of earnings & equity market capitalisation. But, the industry is itself reigned by a dire need of gaining hot, validated leads. Sounds like you? Do not mope anymore!

Lead Generation for Financial Services

Acquire our reliable lead generation service and give new avenues to your business expansion like never before.

Financial services constitute a large chunk of our economy; almost 8-10% transactions are done in this sector and its growth is boosted by rising income levels, spending/investing capacities, urbanisation, growth of entrepreneurship and incentives given by the government. Mobile wallet and mutual funds are star performers of the industry, with the first year insurance premium figures for life insurance grossing to about 160,000 crores in 2018. Hence, there is huge spending happening in the industry.

But the question that arises is, has your company been successful in tapping any of this share yet? If not, you are seriously lagging behind in the race! Whether it is personal finance, loans, investments, stocks, risk management, insurance, funds/wealth management or venture capital, Emarketz has what it takes to make you spearhead your efforts to service differentiation.


Fuel-up your stagnant business with increased leads

You are bound to think your financial business is great because you understand what you are offering to your prospective clients. But at the surface of the marketing funnel, your prospects know nothing or very little about the uniqueness of your business services. Hence, they can’t make connections to what you are offering at one go. What this essentially implies is the underlying difficulty in generating useful leads for financial services.  

Still wondering why? You might find the following impediments faced by industry while marketing the products/services and generating validated leads relatable:  

  • Differentiation: With more players entering the market, the need for having your strong USP is greater than ever. Sometimes the difference is so subtle (yet significant) that users overlook it easily.
  • Making them ‘listen’: Most of the time financial service providers are faced with an ‘I have heard it all before’ attitude from clients. That quite literally makes it so hard to convey your sales talk. Instead you ought to make a loud roar with your specific service offerings!
  • Unavoidable jargon: For a huge chunk of consumers, core financial terms and specifications of the plans/offers/services are too complicated to comprehend To make them intelligible is a challenging task for the marketer.
  • High cost of marketing: Since the transaction amounts are considerable, the cost of marketing is also high for financial services. For instance, charges for the PPC and Google adwords are higher than other sectors, which poses as a great hurdle to cross.
  • Long incubation: Time taken from approaching a consumer to final sale is higher in case of financial services. Considering the high value of transaction and comparing various assets/ tools, purchase decision is quite delayed.

To help you reach the bottom of the marketing funnel smoothly and timely, our team makes a judicious use of the right marketing strategies to generate qualified leads. Our targeted communication channels developed with years of industry experience position us in a win-win situation in conversion of leads to customers.  

Here’s what we do:

1.Simplify messages: We draft messages in user-friendly language and tone that is easy for consumers to understand at first mention. We are aware of the limited time to catch the attention of an audience online, and use of catchy comprehensible language for highlighting your USP is an ability we have mastered.   

2. Target visitors: We have dedicated websites for almost every sector which are SEO-optimised to attract the largest number of visitors. Meaningful and engaging content is placed on sites, which is followed by tracking people who spend time on pages or respond to query forms. Hence, in a sales call we address people who are at least marginally interested in your products.

3. Qualified leads: We qualify leads and remarket them through a systematic process. Taking a visitor from this nascent stage to buying point is a time taking process, which we accomplish through strenuous efforts and experience. Funnelling and nurturing the prospects by giving apt information, presenting value points of service and ‘urging’ a need for the service helps us make them ‘ready to buy’ when you approach them.


4.Shorten the process: As we mentioned, marketing financial services can be a long drawn process, one which makes the returns seem disproportionate. We compress the process by reaching out with frequent targeted messages and send direct mails, reminding consumers about the need to buy and finally remarketing them to you for pitching the sale.

5.Economies of scale: When you are able to contact a larger consumer base, without spending a fortune, then the ROI increases. Our lead generation service makes it possible to earn more revenue with each client that you connect to.

Our highly skilled team of web developers, web designers, SEO experts, content crafters, and digital marketing specialists have developed a pool of interactive and user-friendly websites for almost every sector. These are actively used to attract, retain and thrive the interest of visitors in your product/service.  


We ‘Retarget’ visitors

As per a recent survey, compared to a regular website visitor, the one who is retargeted via responsive advertising is 70% more likely to convert into a closed lead. We deploy well-planned re-marketing strategies to captivate any visitor who has shown even an iota of interest in the product/service being offered. Specific URLs, up-selling techniques, dynamic marketing, to generate leads are some of the many in our bucket list.

  1. Prospect browses our website

  2. We monitor their action (s)

  3. Inspect what they are interested in to assess user-intent

  4. Verify details: name, company or organisation, interested products/services, IP location

  5. Redirect the lead to the company

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