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Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Service

There is not an iota of doubt that digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels in every sphere; entertainment, food, retail, education, health, automobile industry, to count a few. Digital marketing with its associated high ROI is the need of the hour for any company looking for survival, expansion or growth. But the irony is that it is easy to provide your clients with world-class digital marketing services, but only if you can find them (or they can find you) in the first place!  

Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Service

Acquiring qualified leads for your online business is made easy with Emarketz’ leads generation service which is customised, quick and affordable!

While many digital marketing companies out there are facing constant problems to survive and thrive in the competitive digital world, several others are still nowhere in the race owing to a dreadening “lead generation” problem. Running a digital marketing firm is like an adventure, wherein the roller coaster is guarded by the generation of hot and loyal leads. Whether you are an established company or a newbie to the digital marketing industry, our equipped team can assist you in finding well-qualified leads that promise to stay.

  • Place a suitable ad in our inhouse website

  • Keep an eye on visitor activity who show hint of interest in product/service

  • Most likely to respond to ‘follow up’ calls


Here’s how we generate hot leads for your business!

Although generating leads sounds an easy-peasy task seeing everyone is ‘online’ all the time, it's never an undemanding task for the sales/marketing team. Digital marketers are increasingly facing challenges in generating useful leads for their budding businesses, some of which are:

  • Inability to execute tactics like blogging, emails, paid search, text messaging etc.

  • Producing customised yet universally acceptable content for diverse brands

  • Inadequate use of marketing automation & CRM system

  • Tracking ROI for each digital marketing activity

Being in the industry for over a decade, we have not only captured the pain points of marketers owing to wavering customers, advancing technological changes, etc., but have mastered the art of converting leads that are ‘cold’, to ones that are ‘closed’.

Our team has developed its own set of lead generation strategies and chalked out a well-planned series of processes to be deployed that promise expected end results. The focus is laid on not just generating traffic, but also converting a major proportion of this traffic into leads for you. Some of the approaches used by our team to generate leads and convert your ‘potential buyers’ into ‘actual clients’, include:

  • Maintaining extensive leads database directories

  • Making use of optimised web forms, downloadable guides and landing pages

  • Performing A/B testing

  • Wise choice of technology (based on analytics, automation, social channels, etc.)

  • Conducting affiliated programs or shaking hands with similar businesses

  • White label SEO audit tools embedded

  • Providing clients with free audits & proactive recommendations


Upgrade your digital marketing business to the next level

With the help of our most cherished assets (i.e. our adroit team of web designers, web developers, content crafters, SEO experts, and digital marketing specialists), we have developed a pool of engaging websites for almost every sector. An amalgamation of different essentials is used to drive traffic to these websites, and user intent and user activity is rigorously tracked.

  • At a high level, remarketing is used to proactively reach out to prospects who show interest in the product/service.

  • To retarget prospects, our team collects information of a prospect visiting our websites (containing a cookie/ a tag that allows us to "find" that person on other website/search engine results pages).

  • Next, we keep in touch with that person, even if he/she is no longer on our website, via targeted Emails, paid search results or targeted online ads.


We first MONITOR, and then VALIDATE

Our team records interests of visitors arriving on our page; monitoring their actions, noting down ‘clicked’ links, and tracking their favourite ‘part of page’ visited using different tools. By doing so, we get an idea as to what exactly the visitor is looking for and redirect him/her to the suitable product/service offering at your end.

To ensure that only genuine leads are shared with you, upon acquiring the leads, we make it a point to verify every single detail given by them including their names, contact details, IP location, etc.

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