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Lead Generation for Business Services

There is no doubt that the business services sector (comprising of networks, middleware, security, storage, and other supporting infrastructure) aligns the IT assets with changing needs of the company's customers, employees and business goals. Put simply, business services tie all the loose threads to enable a comprehensive and end-to-end business process.

Whether you are a tyro or tycoon, business outsourcing services have catered to numerous sectors including retail, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, etc and are estimated to grow by 11% during the period 2019 to 2023. Most often, people find themselves in need of a wee bit of help in finding prospects for their growing business outsourcing company. If you are looking out for possible ways to increase your sales by generating qualified leads for your business pipeline, our custom-made lead generation services are the best bet to fill your sales tank and keep your business running smoothly.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lead generation can single-handedly account for a major chunk of your business outsourcing success. According to a survey conducted in 2018, 67% business houses (small and medium) reported that leads generation services are their single source of increased  conversions and sales. Even in case your sales pipeline is generating leads by itself, the results might be painfully slow and delayed.

We at Emarketz believe that great lead generation follows the same well-acclaimed formula: capturing, engaging, nurturing and converting, but with well-researched and proven techniques.  

To keep your sales operation healthy, it is necessary to provide it with steady source of real time leads. Although there are many options out there to source a lead, to sustain the growth of your business outsource line and to reach the next milestone, it needs a predictable approach to generate leads and fill the pipeline. However, finding an approach that balances both quantity and quality of leads is something like a proverbial goose that lays a golden egg. Challenges like

  • Determining gaps in the marketing/sales funnel

  • Focusing on the right prospects and prioritising them

  • Building coordinated and consisted plan to attract prospects that suits your ideal customer profile

  • Building the infrastructure to respond to inquiries in a quick manner

worsen the situation.

We, at Emarketz, know how much a validated lead means to your business. LOOK AT THIS: If somehow, you increase the quantity of quality leads for your business by 20% with the average quality of leads remaining the same (somewhat), this will result in a significant 20% hike in your income. This is encouraging enough for you to accept the unrivalled importance of B2B lead generation services for your business outsourcing initiative.

What we offer is not just any lead generation services, we conduct a custom implementation for every new customer to make sure that the leads are the right fit and can meet stringent business requirements. We ensure to reach out to your potential clients on not just one, but multiple channels, leaving no room for any lost opportunities. Here’s how:

  1. Mix of inbound (signup forms, newsletter subscription etc) and outbound (cold calling) techniques

  2. Segmenting your leads based on their interactions & then targeting them( through messages, Emails etc)

  3. Using our 800+ web directories/databases to gather crucial information

  4. Using the latest technology (inhouse softwares) to keep track of leads and their activities

  5. Conversing with clients via text message or live chats marketing tactics

  6. Interactive content posting including ‘How to’ videos, product reviews, guest posts, instructional videos, infographics., etc.

‘Our’ traffic: The valuable asset for ‘your’ business

Acquiring leads is getting harder to come by using outdated marketing techniques like print ads, trade shows, telemarketing, to name a few. The cost per lead is increasing with fewer quality leads coming in and marketing budgets remaining frozen. Hence, the marketers at Emarketz navigate through the world of online lead generation process fueled by mass digital presence.  

We use our pool of websites (developed by our team of web designers & developers, SEO experts, digital marketing specialists & content writers) for every possible domain and use their bulk traffic. The traffic is targeted to your services so as to generate user interest and intention.

We rigorously make use of marketing automation to gather useful insights into user activity and then, assess whether the prospective client will ever make a purchase decision or no.


Obtain prescreened & remareted leads in real time

Today, remarketing is proved to be the most powerful tool that lets you yield ROI. As per a survey, about 43% of the visitors will browse the website for around 4-5 times before opting for a service. Hence, it becomes essential for you to follow up the visitors even if they are no longer in the web page. Experts at Emarketz, use latest retargeting strategies such as demographic filtering, source remarketing, behaviour filtering, etc and keep in touch with our chunk of website visitors. For instance, our websites are embedded with CTAs that redirect traffic to appropriate landing pages of your specific service offerings.

Upon monitoring the actions of the visitor (CTAs, forms fill up, segments visited, etc) and receiving positive response ( i.e. visitor shows interest in your service), we verify every single detail of the visitor and ensure he/she is legitimate.  We therefore, filter and deliver you only validated, double-checked leads that possess a high conversion rate.



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