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How Digital Marketing landscape is changing to performance Based Digital Marketing which is Lead Generation

Today, most businesses need a digital marketing services agency to carry out their marketing plans in an effective way. But most of them don't realize the fact that just hiring a marketing agency is not enough, hiring the right marketing agency that can provide quantifiable results in the form of leads is what is important. Some of the businesses are getting smart in the way they hire a marketing agency, they know on what basis they have to judge the marketing agency before hiring them.


Here are some of the reasons why businesses have changed their way of hiring marketing agencies,

1. Non-Quantifiable Marketing Efforts  - Some digital marketing agencies cannot measure the results based on well-defined parameters. They conduct the process but are unable to provide the client with tangible results in the form of data. Hence businesses are looking towards agencies that can provide quantifiable results in the form of leads.

2. No accountability in spending - Some agencies don't provide their clients with records of their spending on different marketing activities. Most of them don't know how the budget for marketing was allowed and how it got exhausted. The study has proven that businesses sometimes overspend on marketing without knowing what they are doing.

3. Ignorance of the actual targets - Now this is something big. Most of the agencies do not communicate, regarding the actual target behind marketing, with the clients. The goals of the whole process are not well defined. In this case, the agency spends, achieving something that the client was not expecting from the agency. This shows just how important it is to set and communicate targets in tangible form.

4. Overspending on Ads that do not generate leads - Search engine ads and display ads are one of the best ways for advertising in the digital world. But, if they are not done with a plan, it will not lead to something fruitful, that is it will not end up generating leads. If the Ad was not targeted at specific the target market and also not for the right keyword then it will end up exhausting the client's budget.

5. Social presence just for the sake of it - According to a study, for delivering content and securing audience engagement, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform, with 82% with over 294 million users, for B2B Businesses. But some agencies fail to utilize the power of social media with the right strategy. Most of the agencies post the same content in all platforms which is also not right and does not lead to engaging leads. LinkedIn is more professional platform than Instagram, hence different strategy needs to be developed for different platforms. 

6. Irrelevant content not generating leads - According to a recent statistical data, audience relevance is most important when it comes to content effectiveness. Also, 60% of B2B marketers report that they have a difficult time coming up with content that will engage their target audience. This goes to show that most of the agencies today are not up to the mark and nowhere close to generating leads through engaging content. 

7. Wrong strategy - 

Most of the agencies fail at building a strong base, that is they are strategically very weak. Different businesses need custom made strategies for their products and services but to save time and effort some agencies use the same strategy they used for other clients hence failing to generate any kind of leads.


These are the reasons why businesses should hire marketing agencies that work towards generating leads and pay for the results rather than the efforts. 

A recent study reports that 63% of marketers reported that their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads. Some agencies like EMarketz are challenging the status quo by providing lead generation service instead of just intangible services. The study supports this, 85% of B2B clients say lead generation is their most important marketing goal. The fact that clients will pay for leads rather than for efforts is a game-changing scenario.

Some of the many reasons why lead generation services offered by EMarketz stands out from the rest of the agencies,

  1. Top-rated marketing agency in India

  2. The client will only have to pay for qualified leads

  3. The team consists of industry experts who have 15+ years of experience in all business domains

  4. Leads to the Highest Quality are offered

  5. Leads are manually verified by the team

  6. Leads that are provided have high intent of purchase or decision

  7. Leads are provided based on the geographical location as per the client's preference.

  8. Various demographic information about the leads are also furnished

  9. Builds a huge funnel of potential leads.

  10. Builds a brand image in front of potential customers


Here are some of the lead services that are offered by EMarketz,

Type 1, VT++ 

This lead generation package offers guaranteed conversion of more than 20%, Highest Quality Leads are generated, Leads are Manually Verified by a team of experts consisting of Industry experts with 15+ years of experience in all business domains, Exclusive Leads are offered that have undergone highest amount of filtration, The leads provided have a High Intent of Purchase or Decision.

Type 2, VT

This lead generation package offers Highest Quality Leads, the generated leads are Manually Verified by a team of experts, Exclusive Leads are provided which have undergone filtration, the leads have High Intent of Purchase or Decision

Type 3, MJ

This lead generation package offers High Quality Leads with Mid-level of intent for the decision, Shared with two service/product providers, the basic demographic information of the leads is provided that are location specific.

Type 4, GA

This package includes Pipeline Builder Leads, Leads that Require Nurturing for Decision, Brand Awareness or product launch. This the most basic package that a client can opt for. 

The clients always have a choice for which type of lead generation package they want and then Emarketz delivers results that exceeds expectations. So the decision is yours whether you want to generate leads or just run a campaign that provides no end results.

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