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How COVID-19 is affecting Search Behavior

Talk about searches related to restaurants have vanished, but related to grocery shopping has gone up. The enquiries for putting everything up online is there since people in Non IT and Non ITES businesses are struggling way too much to ride over this tide. Time being spent on “instructional” and “how to” videos are going up significantly. Face masks and COVID also have gone up in search. 

As expected, the search trend has drastically changed. People who were ordering food online are now searching for immune boosting foods. Content related to preventive measures is being prefered by the consumers rather than entertaining content. Someone rightly mentioned that the joke time for COVID-19 is over!

But how can businesses utilise the search trend? It’s quite simple, marketers are always on the lookout as to where their target audience’s attention is, now that marketers know that the attention is on the pandemic, it’s time they adapt and market based on it. Start with some blogs related to Coronavirus on your website, it could be a good way to gain some traffic. Try out videos on topics related to preventive measures and how businesses should help its employees survive the scare. If you are looking for explainer videos, EMarketz can help you out with it.

But wait!
Will just optimizing your content based on recent search terms help? Not entirely because the relevance matters more, also, is your business equipped with SEO specialists to revamp the content and optimise, if not you could find a tough time going ahead. EMarketz boards the best SEO specialists in India. Finds out how we are updating ourselves to thrive in this critical period. We are ready, are you?

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