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How can researchers use social media to share ideas

Social media is becoming necessary for professionals, not just for the sponsorship of research but for research development as well. Social media allow grasping more content, more speedily if it is used well. It is just to figure out on how to use social media in a way that enhance working criteria.

There are few platforms/websites lending you in a good position to make bigger your reach. For example:

• Linked In – The website acts as a social CV space where you can upload your research work. It also consists of discussion groups which let you share ideas.

• Twitter –  The website is just not to follow people, but you should create your own thematic lists.

• Google Scholar – Here you can easily set up a creator profile to keep track of your citations and you can receive alerts each time your work is cited.

• Facebook – The website is not just meant for social networking with close ones, but it also helps building professional relationship. Once you upload your professional profile or research work, it acts as a good sponsorship option.

• Slideshare – Here you can upload your presentations and establish building your followers for the content you have already created.

• YouTube – Without a video platform nothing seems interesting; You Tube remains a good place to start. Micro video-blogging, on platforms like Vine and Tout acts as priceless option, where you can easily keep an eye.

Social media is one of those things requiring practice to truly comprehend why it matters. Experience says that once you start using it, you will become familiar with it and love to do things which will gain value to your research work.

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