Get the most from every click in a PPC campaign

Search engine marketing is being adopted by companies which are rising and shining, to attract the attention of prospective customers and get acquainted to them. Though there is a set format which has to be followed for carrying out such a campaign, the effectiveness of the campaign depends on the success with which the three facets of the project are addressed. Here’s a rundown on these phases:

  • Research: This is the first stage, wherein the marketing professional running the campaign learns about the objectives of the business. He will understand the nature of target audience and formulate the strategy accordingly. The positioning of the ads and the creation of the content will depend on these factors. The keywords will also be finalized in this step. A thorough research about the most searched keywords, to recognize those which are used by target audience, will go a long way in determining the success of the campaign.
  • Implementation: Once the strategy has been formed, it needs to be implemented in a seamless manner. The campaign structure has to be decided and ad groups will be formed. These will depend on the target audience and keywords. The copy will be designed in a way that the key features of products are highlighted and call to action is integrated. The settings of the campaign will be done to define the best positioning and frequency for the advertisement. Even the landing page will be worked upon to maximize the impact of the ad, as someone clicking on it will reach the landing page.
  • Optimization: This is the last stage, wherein a statistical analysis will be done considering the points like conversion rate, cost per click and other key elements. The performance of each ad must be studied. Depending on the result, refinement will be done to the campaign and testing will be done using various factors. Lastly, a marketer will manage the bids, so that the there is parity between the cost per click and the profit earned from a query. This cost-benefit analysis will determine the profits earned by the company running the ads.

By following these three steps, maximum benefit can be achieved from an adwords campaign.

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