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Get links with a long shelf life

Links, to and from a website, are critical tools through which a business draws crowd to the website. The higher the number of visitors, the greater is the possibility to convert them into buyers. When people know about a website, they look for it on popular search engines and it gets a higher ranking; this in turn again motivates searchers to reach the website, as it appears on the first page.

To win within this complicated circle of internet marketing, it is essential that there are reliable and high quality links that generate from the website, as well as dependable back links. Dodgy and unnatural links pull down the search engine ranking and earn negative reputation for the business. Therefore, a business has to keep a few factors in mind when opting for a link building service. The first is that the links must be secure. This can be ensured by keeping the process manual and having unique C class IPs for the links.

Secondly, it is essential to check the originality of the content, which is the destination of the links. The content can be text, images or video. Having 100 per cent original and fresh content is necessary to engage the visitor. If the content is not updated regularly, or is copied from another source, there is the possibility of losing potential customers. The next point is regarding life of links. Only permanent, one way links that do not require re-registration or subscription will be profitable for the business. Hence, there must be no expiry date on the links.

Quality of links is another key issue. There must be a quality control team to keep an eye on the performance of the link, in terms of the traffic that it is attracting and interest generated on the search engines through the link.  The link building service must be able to create deep links on a site, apart from the links on the index page. Only a service offering all these features will truly benefit a business.

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