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Get better publicity with Google adwords

There is good news for all the advertisers, who want to place their ads on Google and enhance their visibility. The campaigns can now be run with adwords scripts, which were launched originally in June. The facility to run scripts will give greater flexibility to the companies, as they will be able to do a lot more, like:

  • Change and update the information given in the ads
  • Change the bids expressed in the ads
  • Pause and restart the keywords on which the ads are running
  • Present the account details on a spreadsheet
  • Use account output to change the keywords or the bids

Moreover, the time for which the ads can be run at a time on Google pages has been enhanced from five minutes to 30 minutes; thus, radically increasing the exposure that the ads will get. Being present over a longer time will mean that more people will see the ads and there will be greater chances of getting queries. The entity limit has also been increased to 100K, meaning that there can be more characters in the ads.

This means that people who opt for running ads on Google will have even more benefit than before. The schedule for the ads can be set as per the requirement, and vary from a single run, to daily, weekly or monthly. So the advertiser can control the frequency with which the ads run. They will also be able to use more complex scripts. The real time data management will mean that the numeric changes in rates, etc. will be possible without making any change to text.

Google held two sessions for developers and advertisers during this week (Sep 11 and Sep 13), through which the members were able to interact with experts and asked questions via a moderator. Though there are complete step by step guidelines for opening and operating the account, it is better to have expert programmers and SEO services professionals handle the account, as they will able to manage each aspect of the adwords efficiently.

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