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Fight Business Blues with EMarketz Ninja

Do you own a real estate business or are you an ERP solutions provider? New business enquiries are taking a downward stroll everyday. With no new business happening around, it is expected that many small businesses will be left with no cash to bear the corona blow. 

However, there is relief in sight. You can keep your business afloat and get new clients on board by becoming EMarketz Ninja. EMarketz Ninja businesses get access to the clandestine yet popular web portals like “Kisan Help” “Indian Yellow Pages” “Mumbai School Directory” “ERP Ninjas”  “Chanakya Properties” and many more to showcase their advertisements and arouse interest for their products or services. 

EMarketz Ninja business also gets top quality leads classified as VT and VT++. These leads have less distance to decision making and high intent of the end user to make a purchase. These leads boost chances of client conversion and keep new business opportunities afloat. 

EMarketz works with high traffic content aggregators like Taboola, Hotstar, Facebook and Instagram and works on preferential rates and content positions. EMarketz Ninja business will get an opportunity to place their paid content at premium positions at no extra cost. 

Ride on the highway to business growth and don’t let the C- Bad word build obstacles for the work process by being EMarketz Ninja Business. To speak to a sales consultant on how to become EMarketz Ninja Business, please write in to 

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