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EMarketz Line of Credit - Get Leads Now, Pay Later!

EMarketz India Pvt Ltd has been the pioneer of lead generation services in India and offers unique, innovative and business friendly terms and services. In line to its vision of growing your business, a Line of Credit is being offered for EMarketz’s pay per lead program. In this line of credit, clients will need to pay a small set-up fee for their campaigns to be activated and pay for the accepted leads after 30 days. This scheme is valid for a limited period and has been introduced to bring in trust of new clients and to help our clients manage their cash flows in a better manner.

So let’s deep dive into the details of this scheme now.

The Line of Credit Scheme is simple. As a business, you just have to sign up to our Lead Generation Services with one of the line of credit packages. Once you choose a package, you will have to pay the setup fee to EMarketz. As soon as you pay the account set up fee, our Lead Generation team will generate leads for you in credit. These leads will be validated and verified so that only the leads which have a high chance of conversion will be given to you. You can utilise the leads to generate revenue for your business.

But something is missing right?

You did not pay for the leads after our Lead Generation team gave you the leads!

Exactly! You don’t have to pay now, you can pay after 30 days without any additional charges or interest rates. That’s the whole point of the Line of Credit. It helps you generate income without spending anything on the leads.

Here are some case examples so that it can be clearer.

Case 1: Company XYZ, a leading website design agency is struggling to find clients during the crisis. The only possible solution to survival for Company XYZ is to generate leads that convert with least effort. But XYZ is a Website design agency, and does not want to risk running lead generation campaigns without any experience doing it. To overcome this, XYZ signs up for EMarketz lead generation services along with a Line of Credit. One of our sales person gets in touch with them and explains everything about the Line of Credit and Lead Generation Services EMarketz offers. Once XYZ is fully satisfied and understands the process with full transparency, they pay a small campaign setup fee to EMarketz. Once the fee is paid, the Lead Generation team of EMarketz setup different campaigns for Generating Leads for XYZ. During this time, the client servicing manager is in constant touch with XYZ so that they can be informed about the current status of work. 

Once the Leads are generated, the Lead Validation team validates these leads and discards the leads that don’t have a high chance of conversion. Only the Leads with a high chance of conversion are given to XYZ. Company XYZ takes the leads and converts them into revenue. After 30 days of signing up for our Line of Credit, company XYZ receives an Invoice. This invoice has no extra charges or interest rates. Company XYZ pays for the leads after receiving the invoice and thanks EMarketz for the Line of Credit.

Case 2: Agency ABC signs up for Line of Credit from EMarketz, undergoes the same process as Company XYZ but when the invoice is received, ABC does not pay.
What happens next? EMarketz will wait until ABC pays the invoice, incase they don’t pay, even after 3 days, then EMarketz will levy an Interest of 2% on pending payments.

So if you want to be one of the businesses that wants to succeed during this crisis, send us an email to with the subject as “Line of Credit”. One of our Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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