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Emarketz is proud to be a member of NASSCOM

Established in 1988, NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) is a non-profit organisation with over 2000 members in the trade body. NASSCOM member companies are in the business of software development, software services, IT-enabled and BPO services. The global trade association encourages the advancement of research in software technology, as it continually supports the IT-BPM industry. The organisation aims to build trustworthy, reputed, innovative, and a society friendly industry. It provides a platform to the developing companies to present their product and win an award for being the most prominent and innovative startup in the software and technology domain.

Emarketz is proud to be a NASSCOM member as it is a stage for big and small companies to come and work together. The platform helps companies to grasp each other’s strength and improve their impact on the market. It is a place for tech giants to find a place and process businesses globally. Being a member of NASSCOM, Emarketz is eligible for the membership benefits offered by this trade association. With the bonus of being a NASSCOM member, Emarketz is eligible to track industry trends, business opportunities, and industry discussions by accessing NASSCOM research and intelligence with ease. While the membership is granted only to companies that have an excellent track record in business operations, and have contributed a considerable amount to the IT industry; Emarketz has earned its seat in the organisation.

Being recognised as a NASSCOM member, Emarketz gets the opportunity to enhance visibility in the industry as the company participates in NASSCOM events. The brand will be able to use the member’s database as one of the benefits of being a member of the trade organisation. Emarketz will now be able to partner and collaborate with NASSCOM for various activities. Apart from participating in multiple activities, Emarketz will help and mentor emerging companies to address their business challenges. From now onwards, Emarketz will be provided with every developmental information for global networking and building business. With every received information and update from NASSCOM about policy updates, trends, and opportunities in the market, Emarketz will grow and build their business stronger. Let us celebrate the achievement of being a NASSCOM member!

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