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EMarketz Improves Transparency and Trust with!

It’s critical to have an online presence in today’s market, but it takes more skill and strategy than ever to know the right approach to maximize visibility. One survey found that over half of businesses partner with an expert firm for help with SEO services. That said, as an expert, India based SEO company, EMarketz has successfully managed multiple campaigns and stayed on the cutting edge of the latest consumer trends and technologies.

The number of SEO providers is endless. So, how does a buyer even approach the task of finding a trustworthy and reliable partner? Sure, you can just select an agency that appears at the top of the search results, but that alone does not guarantee a successful collaboration. For this reason, to instill trust and confidence in prospective buyers, we have partnered with Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects buyers and service providers through online, verified reviews.

From Glassdoor to Yelp and Angelist, platforms are revolutionizing the role of reviews in the buyer’s decision making journey, notwithstanding their growing importance in SEO. Clutch lists over 5,213 firms specializing in SEO, among other marketing services. The firms are ranked and evaluated based on a proprietary research methodology. Specifically, EMarketz was judged on the quality of our portfolio, clientele, social media presence, among other relevant quantitative and qualitative factors.

But what guides business buyers, and Clutch places at the forefront of their process, are client interviews. It’s easy for a company to promise results, but it means more to a buyer when they have feedback from a client, confirming that a firm has lived up to their word. Clutch spoke directly with one of our clients, and the resulting review highlights EMarketz’ unique strengths.

In an interview with a Clutch Analyst, the Co-founder of an education management company said, “They are really able to understand what we sell and our services.”

Helping us to stand out from the rest, Clutch continues to be a valuable partner. More insights about the project can be read on our profile. If it sparks your interest, contact us today and we’ll provide solutions unique to your business.

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