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Do Not Worry About These 7 Things On Your Website. They Do Not Affect Your Rankings

Business owners and marketers usually remain thoughtful of improving the search engine rankings of their websites. To do that, they adopt several SEO and non-SEO strategies. However, not all strategies work and not all strategies affect the website rankings on search engines. Let us share with you 7 such things that you do not need to worry about while making efforts to improve your site’s rank. Check them out.

  1. Tech base of your website:
    Whether your website is coded in .Net or it has used JavaScript libraries, do not bother. It will not create a negative impact on your site’s search engine rank. If your website has unique content that is relevant and useful for visitors, then search engines do not care about the tech base of it.
  2. Shared hosting options:
    No, this aspect is not going to affect the rank of your website, unless the loading speed is slowed down. Do not worry about changing your hosting companies or going for expensive hosting options. You should simply concentrate on improving your website.
  3. Social media shares of Web pages:
    Do you think that thousands of social media likes or shares of your web pages would improve the rank of your website? Then, you actually do not need to care if you do not have that. Search engine rankings are not directly affected by the number of such shares, though other search activity connected to sharing may have a positive impact.
  4. Newly registered website:
    Whether your website was registered last year or during the last decade, there will be no negative effect on its search engine rank if it features positive links and authority, as well as helpful content for readers. In fact, a new website displaying all this is a rewarding aspect as far as search engines are concerned.
  5. Using some defaults:
    If you have not used things like a robots.txt file or a meta robots tag to specify the defaults of crawling everything to a search engine, stop worrying. Search engines assume it by default. Therefore, specifying the default will neither add positively nor affect negatively the rankings of your website.
  6. ALT text:
    There is no need to worry about the use of the ALT parameter in order to describe the images on your website. If it makes sense to do so, you may include ALT text while your website is being designed. Else, search engines do not care to consider this aspect for ranking websites up or down.
  7. Special characters used in the title:
    It is not a matter of concern to search engines, whether a separator bar or any other special character is used to separate different elements in the page title. For example, using a hyphen or a colon between the brand name and the description will not negatively affect your website’s search engine ranks. You may stop being finicky over characters.

If you were concerned about any of the above mentioned aspects of your website, then stop worrying, because even the search engines are not worried about them. Focus on providing unique, relevant and helpful content to site visitors.

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