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Corona will lose, digital businesses will win - What to Expect till 31st May, 2020

With Corona entering phase-II in India and the government getting ready for battle mode, it is important to understand how to keep your business going as usual. As the saying goes, “Tough times never last but tough people do”, it is time to make our business process tough as ever. 

Corona is only spreading from Human to Human and even if cases abate, there is going to be fear and caution all around till May end. This would mean that new, innovative methods of meetings, signing up business deals and discussions would pop-up. Indian businesses usually labelled as laggards across Europe and North America, have a chance to ramp up everything that needs to be done to make them digital.

Whether it is that web upgrade, email security and deliverability or aligning the team for E-learning or having client discussions on Zoom or Gotomeeting or advertising on Google. It is time to take these decisions and keep your business going strong. 

Economy and purchase intention is going to be weak as predicted by analysts till 31st May and hence it is time for businesses to migrate to alternative routes of work processes. EMarketz India Pvt Ltd is an internet marketing consulting agency and is providing free technical support and consulting services to all businesses in India who want to upgrade to digital ways of business. 

You can send in your request for a free consultation by writing in to Corona will lose, digital businesses will win.

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