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Attention span set to rise for Indians working from home - Is it time to make longer videos?

With more and more Indian work force operating from home, the attention span is all set to increase by a whopping 150% as meetings, gossip, discussions, restaurant visits come to halt. With the economic spiral taking a downward slope, Indian middle class will have more time to spare for TV and Mobiles. With more time at disposal, attention span is all set for an increase though temporarily. 

For all businesses who are selling a unique concept, it is time to make explainer videos or produce “how to videos”. Such videos were not viewed completely due to short attention spans and multiple distractions at work. So, if you have been planning to educate your client base, this is the best time to be in. Go ahead and make an explainer video now for your prospect base. 

Video marketing has been at the core for many e-brands, however, language and length of videos have always been invisible obstacles to this. These times bring in the best possible opportunity to circulate and even advertise your explainer videos and make your prospect understand the USP of your service or product in detail. 

EMarketz has strong video production skills for short crisp and explanatory videos. If you need a head start on how to start developing your video, call our sales team and get going. 

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