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A Guide to Writing E-Books – EMarketz

Knowledge, no doubt, serves the most important feature of humanity, and the process of spreading it from person to person is divided in many different ways. Among these ways, or rather, mediums, reading or writing books has always been one of the most popular one and the other way could be through the open access journals which helps in expanding literary knowledge. But as they say, there is nothing constant in the universe expect change – with the passage of time, with the progression of history old ideas, beliefs, practices, cultures and ways die, paving the way for the novel ones. The same is applicable in the case of books. Till the advent of the television and radio, books served as the most dominant medium to reach and appeal the mass, but the eventual progress of science and technology provided newer and better ways to communicate with the public where the approach is not only limited within the mastery of the placement of words to manifest a thought in the most comprehensible and delicate manner – the modern mediums offer an audio and visual way of communication that, no doubt, is more appealing due to their integrity of communicative approach.

Due to these reasons, the importance and popularity of books as a mass media has decreased radically in the past few decades. In fact, it seemed that soon it will cease to even exist as a mass medium. This fear of the bibliophiles all around the world even increased with the advent of computer and internet which made is possible to access audio and videos of all kind in just a few clicks – it was believed that the printed pages has outlived their importance. However, it is perhaps the irony of history itself, that the popularity of books actually went up in today’s digital world, although, in a modified form.

It is undoubtedly true that world has changed a little too fast with the advent of the internet, for it is a platform where anyone and everyone can communicate and share practically everything. Naturally, this lack of regional limitation has served as the chief reason behind the huge popularity of the internet, which, analogically, revived the importance of books in digital format. The word “e-book”, according to the Oxford dictionary, means books in electronic format. The creation of e-books started to take place first in 1971. Back then, the e-books were generally written and read by the professionals specialized in computing in order to discuss hardware and software issues among themselves. But, since then, the production of many e-book reading and writing software made this formerly exclusive medium more popular day by day. And now, in this twenty-first century, it has turned into a worldwide industry – there are professional e-book writers as well as publishers selling them all over the world via net. Apart from this, there are also a number of individual and uncategorized approaches. To put it in a nutshell, e-books are the modern form of books that has become able to revive the ancient practice of reading and writing in a digital way. Contact us today at

There are many a professional writer writing various kinds of e-book all around the world, in most of the cases it has been seen that the e-book writers are specialized in some particular subjects. Therefore, it is not possible to determine some specific steps to write an e-book that is surely to gain popularity unless the subject is known. However, there are some general things that an e-book author advisably should keep in mind while endeavoring the ordeal:

1. It must be kept in mind that an e-book is different in many ways than a regular book made of hard paper. Unfortunately, it is true that while reading a book the reader generally provides more attention than that he gives while going through an e-book. Therefore the most important thing while writing an e-book that the author must remember that the write up should be lucid, brief and perfectly comprehensible. It is preferred to use short sentences with one idea completed within it, so that the reader do not get confused to follow it.

2. Again, the author of an e-book has the opportunity to use graphs and images in order to make the total presentation much more understandable. Today, most of the software used in e-book writing offer features which make it possible. Therefore, make good use of these features and add more dimensions to the integrity of the write up.

3. As aforementioned, reading an e-book is different from reading a book, hence it is advisable to try not to use smaller fonts, and always break the total write up in small paragraphs which, analogically, help the reader to comprehend the logical pattern of the argument better.

4. It is a useful trick that comes in handy while forming an e-book, to use headings and subheadings. The focus must always be towards the comprehensibility of the text. Using bullets is also a good idea.

5. Do not forget to add hyperlinks in the text body of your e-book if needed. This not only adds brevity to the write up, but also provides the opportunity to understand the ideas related to the particular topic that the e-book is dealing with. It is important to use anecdotes so that the read do not face difficulties to understand complex terminology, or convoluted ideas.

6. It is also if vital importance to chalk out the length of the e-book. One must understand that if the reader is paying to read the e-book, heshe naturally will prefer to encounter a write up at least around 30 pages – remember, brevity is important, but too much of anything is a vanity.

7. Also, review the write up as much as possible, for revision and practice makes one perfect. Again, be careful of grammatical, typing and punctuation errors, nowadays every software used in forming e-books do offer spell and grammar check, use them and make the whole output free of error.

8. Always keep it in mind that an e-book must be easy to share. In order to do that one should be concerned of two things, first, the size of the file, and second, the format in which the e-book is written. If the file is larger than 1MB, it is advisable to use a compressor to zip it, so that the reader faces no difficulty in downloading the e-book. Again, always try to use formats popular worldwide, such as pdf, or doc. No one would prefer to buy an e-book that heshe cannot open due to the unavailability of a particular software.

Writing is talent, whether it is natural, or a product of sheer practice and attending workshops. In today’s world it has become rather easy to utilize this talent. Today, if you have the talent then there is no longer a need to look for a publisher, which is a Herculean task itself – if you are sure of yourself then just go ahead to fulfill your dream. The internet gives you the platform, form an e-book and upload it, who knows, the world might identify your potential right away.

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