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A Guide to Write Wikihow Article

Readers love online information. They browse on the internet looking for specific information to find out the solution to their problems.

wikiHow is a knowledge base that has the tremendous amount of information in its repository. One can share knowledge and talent by writing the article for wikiHow.

This article is intended to help you create a wikiHow article

1. Be Specific:

While writing an article for wikiHow, don’t beat around the bush. Be specific and to-the-point. Online readers are looking for specific information, so the article should be informative and engaging avoiding unnecessary playing around the word.


2. Focus on ‘How To’:

The article should be based on ‘How To’ theme. The overall goal of wikiHow writing is to provide skimmable information to the readers for quick and easy understanding. Starting an article with ‘How To’, states the problem of readers they are looking solution for. Begin your article with a verb, because ‘How To’ is automatically added for you.


3. Say ‘No’ to ‘Promotion’:

The wikiHow article isn’t for promoting any service or product. The article should not look like you are promoting any service or product here. Neither you can mention the brand names inside the content.


4. Messgae Reappearance:

Research proves that the message lost its effectiveness when repeated. So, try not to make this mistake. The effective frequency of any message is always one.


5. Procedural Steps:

wikiHow is based on procedural instructions, so, while writing an article mention the steps clearly and concisely. Start each step with an action-oriented instruction such as ‘Add two cups of water.’


6. Avoid Using First Person:

As wikiHow is a collaborative community, so it is better to refrain from putting first person pronoun, such as I, me, myself.


Turn your personal stories into instructional form.

7. Globally Consumed:

People from all over the world use ‘wikiHow’. So, do not use steps or content that can only be followed by people in one country. Moreover, the content should be country specific; it should be globally consumed & accepted.


8. Unique Content:

Be standout with a unique content. The content you are going to write should be unique and should not be previously available on ‘wikiHow’. It should not be copied from anywhere


9. Grammatically Correct:

The content should be grammatically correct, and it should be checked for sentence fragments, run-on sentence, subject-verb agreement & sentence structure.


10. Image Posts:

Post your wikiHow articles with relevant images as having an image makes your content ‘visually appealing’. A picture can be worth thousand words only if you are using the relevant image.


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