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6 Smart ways to Generate Validate leads for Digital Marketing Company

In the modern era, with growing usage of the Internet, the approaches used to promote a brand has changed significantly. Today, irrespective of size and service, businesses are opting for digital marketing rather than traditional marketing strategies. I.e. digital marketing has simply replaced snail mail, tele-calling, one-to-one interactions, etc. approaches. This has resulted in an increase in the number of companies offering digital marketing services. In this competitive world, you might aspire to deliver niche digital marketing services to your clients. But this is possible only if you have potential customers.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, one of the biggest challenges faced by a business is acquiring quality leads to fill the sales pipeline. With the increase in digital marketing service providers, obtaining ‘hot’ lead has become a very strenuous task. As per a survey, 47% of businesses might witness an increase in lead generation budget and the sales pipeline of about 18% of businesses is dry.


In such a scenario, imagine walking up to the office one fine morning and finding plenty of validating leads awaiting to acquire your service. Yes, you read it right! You can now obtain potential customers at an affordable price and reach the bottom of the sales funnel. Some of the proven tips that can be utilized to acquire validate leads are:

  1. Running A/B tests - Running an A/B test lets you inspect which version of your webpage is acquiring more traffic. This is checked via statistical analysis. Some of the A/B tests include landing page test, home page flow test, CTA test, image test, etc.

  2. Generate lead magnets via SEO - Although your website is attractive, it won’t generate leads until it is visible. Use SEO strategies and make your website visible to your clients (see to that the website appears on the first Google search page).

  3. Free audits - Embed an SEO audit tool on your website. This will develop visual, white-labeled reports for your potential customers and pinpoint your service that can assist them.

  4. Email marketing - Email marketing is one of the most effective channels in generating leads. Successful Email marketing consists of several variables. For instance, if you are a startup, you must try to understand your audience. Don’t know how to start with it? Avail help from the best lead generation company.

  5. Gated content - Gated robust resources when used appropriately can help you acquire high-quality leads for your company. Use a mix of resources such as white papers, videos, etc. and collect the necessary information from your clients. Be transparent and tell them if you are going to use their contact details.

  6. Content marketing - This strategy when done right has the potential to attract a huge amount of traffic. Develop a stellar content for your website. Upon receiving the traffic, you can easily convert them into your potential customers.

You cannot generate a stream of leads overnight. Your sales team must work on several aspects for days together in order to obtain loyal leads. However, if you need some assistance in generating leads you can always approach experts from top lead generation company.


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