What's New at EMarketz India Pvt Ltd ?

We, at EMarketz, aim at developing an exhilarating working environment. And in order to achieve this, we, in addition to team lunch, team outings, festival celebrations, etc., conduct fun-filled activities on a regular basis. Some of our activities include (but not limited to)

Friday Fun Activity

Fun, fun, fun, fun... A mixture of physical activity, enjoyment, laughter and fun is crucial in creating a healthy lifestyle. Here Are Our Employees Having Fun At Work Day!

04 Feb 2020 Delhi

Sharing love & spreading smiles across faces

Santa says, “Child Lives Within”. With just a week to go for Christmas, the hearts of the people are stocked with joy and delight. No matter how much we accustomed to decorate the jingling bells and some blemishing decorations at every corner and cubical of sides, it’s beyond saying. The celebration began by decorating the Christmas tree and the workspace with balloons, LED lights, bells, etc. Fun games were conducted and gifts were exchanged as a sign of love & harmony.

24 Dec 2019 Delhi

Diwali- 2019

Diwali is undoubtedly the most popular festival celebrated in India. From lighting lamps to firing crackers, the festival of lights is celebrated with great enthusiasm. To keep up with the roots of culture and boost the sense of belonging, we, at Emarketz organized Diwali celebration in our office at various locations (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai). The celebration began by decorating the workspace with diyas, balloons, rangoli and flowers. The team members were decked up in ethnic wear adding more colours & fun to the celebration. To mark the spirit of festivity, engaging games were conducted and the winners were rewarded. The teams danced to the tunes of music and created joyful environment. The celebration was wrapped up clicking selfies and distributing sweets.

26 Oct 2019 Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai

Being the change we want to see

Besides being the leading digital marketing organisation, we, at Emarketz, have committed ourselves to encouraging a culture of sharing and creating a healthy & sustainable society. As a part of this cause, our team focused on the act of giving to those who are less fortunate, took the initiative to share ‘rice & roti’ with the needy and change their lives for the better tomorrow.

28 Sep 2019 Delhi

Silly February Day - Show who you are

Decorate yourself and work space (in a common theme) in unique styles and methods which portrays something about you, your preferences or your style . Make a theme of decorating yourself and your work space in unique ways.

26 Feb 2019 Bangalore

Silly February Day - Two States

A handmade card to be made about your partner in other location. Handmade card should be funny and bring out all good, bad and personal things about your partner.

26 Feb 2019 Delhi