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PPC and SEO: Combining Strategies for your Business

It has been a debatable question so far, whether Adwords benefit or harm your website’s organic ranking. There has been no clear correlation established between paying to run Adwords and SEO. Whereas, few people follow an opinion that Adwords bring in potential customers and it is just about presence and placement of Adwords that helps to increase business volume.

Going with the opinion that paid search results on Google, does not affect organic ranking of any website, it deserves a mention that business is promoted by use of Adwords, as there is more visibility. More of potential customers would visit your business website and this facilitates branding of your product or service. More of business leads would get generated and thus, pay-per-click concept is gaining significance.

Looking up in the long term, SEO implementation leads to sustenance of your business. With SEO, content marketing and marketing through social media becomes possible, which leads to better organic ranking. Investing in Adwords does not have an effect on organic rankings of your website. Rather, it brings more traffic to your website and enhances your brand name. Thus, there will be more customers looking at your website; there will be more of sharing, more of articles and blogs from on hand customers and newly formed clientele.

Let us have an understanding of impact of using paid services, that is, pay per click to increase organic traffic to your website.

Data mine gets created
Pay-per-click when generated with use of keyword phrases, increases the click by potential customers and creates a database which is helpful in increment of ranking of your original website. Otherwise, the time taken to mine this data would have been years. Through pay-per-click, other keyword phrases can be found out and number of queries done can be analyzed. Analysis can be done of popular keyword phrases and their ratio of converting to business generation.

Figuring out the points that require changes in your website becomes an easier task with pay per click and this helps in enhancing a website’s organic ranking.

Increase traffic on website through organic way
With little traffic seen on your website, another website owner might not link their website to yours. Through pay-per-click, there will be visibility of your website in an indirect way by way of listing created by pay-per-click. You will be able to form business relations within your industry with data of website links available by repetitive visitors of similar trade to your website.

Recognition of brand
User clicks on brand names familiar to them, whether it is just a website link or pay per click. With keywords input, there might not be much visitors looking up for your website but, with brand recognition even if there is less number of pay per clicks, your organic listing will make a difference.

With branding and pay per click clubbed with SEO, there are higher chances of increasing rank of your website in an organic way, thereby bringing tremendous growth into your business.

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