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Case Studies

Interior Design

This case study showcases how EMarketz has proved its mettle in the interior design segment. This segment is unique in its way of working and requires a mix of digital branding and demand generation. If you are an interior designer agency or an architect, you must review this case study to understand the results obtained.

Website Design Agencies

If you are a web technology company and offer services like website designing, web development, SEO and digital marketing; this case offers a sneak peek on how EMarketz can help you with generating the right leads at far lower cost than running ads on Google or Facebook.

Real Estate

Are you a real estate company developing many properties and need to attract end-users and investors to your projects? Are you a real estate agent looking for some hot leads to work on? With EMarketz, you can reduce your efforts to get people to call you or show interest and focus on conversions.

ERP Solution for Manufacturing Industry

Here is a case study of how EMarketz helped a manufacturing industry in ERP implementation and customisation with its lead generation services. The case study explains how distance to decision was reduced from 56 to 27 days and conversion rate almost tripled from 7% to 23%.

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