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Call Us at : +91- 95 99 063 445 (Delhi) , +91- 99 80 971 069 (Bangalore)

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Express Seo Service

Are you tired of slow results from your SEO activity? Is your SEO service provider used to making reasons like “It takes time to show organic results” “If we do it aggressively, Google will penalize your website”. At Emarketz, we have evaluated requirements of E-businesses and found that everyone wants SEO service which can give them quick results yet by deploying all white-hat SEO techniques.

Express SEO™ has produced top results for 3500+ websites in 2016 and 2017. Write in to to get started.

3 Months
Package for Websites

Standard Price

Rs. 90,000

Limited Period Offer

69,000 + Taxes extra



When to opt for Express SEO™?

  • Your website is brand new and you want to quickly ascend Google rankings
  • You have spent time and money on traditional SEO and it has not produced results
  • You have got fancy looking reports from your SEO Company, however, nothing has happened on the ground.
  • Your digital marketing agency makes reasons for slow performance of their work
  • You are in an extremely competitive business and you have been waiting for years to get top ranks.
  • Facebook has brought traffic to your website, but not the relevant traffic
  • You are looking for rankings on targeted, competitive keywords in a short span of time
  • You are a start-up looking to be in Google and make your presence felt
  • You are a leading brand looking to boost your rankings for more queries
  • In-house SEO team has led to slow improvements in your website rankings.

What to expect from Express SEO™ service?

We are sure that you are sick and tired of your digital marketing agency making reasons for not getting your website ranked in good enough time. From Express SEO™ service, over 96% client have reported significant upward movement in website positions in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A motivated, responsive and pro-active team which shall look after your website as their baby. While the team may ask you to make some technical changes in the website including website architecture, content updation system, they will be pro-active to make any changes that are deemed fit as per the scope of service.

A responsive management which is looking after your project like no other. One of the founder directors of the company shall be directly monitoring the progress of your project and advances made on a weekly basis (yes, you heard it right, not monthly basis).

Getting rid of risky incoming links. Our team may research and remove some of our risky links to comply with Google webmaster guidelines. This may temporarily bring your domain authority down at the start of the project, however, since this is a no excuse service, we will eventually land up with higher domain authority.

How is Express SEO™ different?

  • Express SEO™ deploys CURE algorithm developed by Emarketz to follow and identify key areas of improvement in your website. This CURE algorithm provides minute and holistic details of how the website/page can be improved and how can we make sure that Google reads the data on the page easily.
  • Express SEO™ further uses B29 matrix developed by SEO researchers at Emarketz which starts looking for opportunities for placing backtracks of the website at best 29 properties of the web. All efforts from outreaching to developing niche content to liaising with the right people gets underway.
  • Express SEO™ focusses on quick indexing of website and updating website on regular basis. For this, a strategy for fetching regular updates, free resources or news on the website is integrated ensuring faster website indexing and ensuring all possible URL’s are indexed at regular intervals.
  • Not using the traditional articles, blogs or directory submissions, Express SEO™ uses an inventory of 200+ curated, medium domain authority websites for advertising opportunities and content distribution.

90 Days Service Module


No Excuse Service


Top SEO Professionals Deployed


3500+ Projects in Express SEO


Authority Booster


CURE and B29 Algorithm Used

When should you NOT opt for Express SEO™ service?

If the content on your website is copied by more than 15%, if your website is spammy, or has been penalized earlier by Google, there is not point for you to go for this service.

Also, websites looking to generate only traffic will not benefit from this service.


clients reported significant upward movement in SERP's of their web pages after Express SEO service.

Unique B29 and CURE algorithm deployed in Express SEO service have had success with 3500+ websites