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Classified Ad Posting Service

Classified Ad Posting Service
Description Basic Pack Regular Pack Premium Pack
No. of Ad Posting Per Month 10 25 50
Ad Creation No Yes Yes
Ad Variations No No 5 variations
Auto Ad Renewals No Yes Yes
Photo for Ad No Yes Yes
Video Link for Ad No No Yes
Ad Bookmarking No No Yes
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes

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Contact us at sales@emarketz.net for your classified ad posting requirement.

With the advent of the internet back in the 1980s till today, it is supposed to be one of the fastest and the best ways for posting advertisements. Even newspapers and magazines have failed to catch up with the internet medium because of its three dimensionality and animation-capacity that the paper medium cannot offer. With regular changes in the algorithm of search engines affecting the traffic and business of your website, it is time that you consider posting classified ads. At EMarketz India Pvt Ltd, we offer web classified ad posting service for your products/services.

Many online classified ad spaces come at a nominal rate or even free of cost. Several domain spaces come for free where business owners or simple buyers and sellers can come under one roof to advertise their products. The obvious results are tremendous flow of information for the customer who can choose from the best deals, varied options and increased interaction within customers striking transactions. Varied features such as live advertisements, logo displays, still ads etc are dealt by our team of highly skilled professionals who boast of high experience and domain knowledge in the industry. We undertake manual submissions of your ad to various classified ad posting sites. You can choose to

Usually a classified ad involves a brief description of the business being promoted with the company logo, the url of the website and the email of the owner which is flashed in popular websites the list of which is shown and approved by the client, in person. If you are wondering as to who gets to decide the top searchable websites for a wider visibility? Our exceptional in-house team has software that track down the hits per website and the page traffic week-by-week. So, the clients are presented with accurate reports before the process begins. Apart from that different websites have rules of posting ads and regulations for its acceptance. We comply with those and inform the client beforehand.

What more? Once we are through with the service, the owner gets the control to post more, amend or delete ads from spaces that is suitable according to them, at no extra cost. All this is done with a guarantee that only the most noticeable websites and the ones that are popular in search results are chosen for your classified ad display. With our increasing customers, we have broadly expanded our services in India, United States, Canada and Australia and have covered ads from all sectors such as automobiles, education, electronics, website promotion to name a few.

It is a guarantee that your business witnesses an increased visibility through our classified ad posting services. Many clients state that they get B2B and B2C deals at a much larger scale than expected. All you need to do is to choose your target city or country and we do the rest for you. We provide free bookmarking of ads and understanding which website is giving the best visibility rates. So, give us your ad copy and let us help you.

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